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Auto Insurance Reviews

The good, bad, and ugly insurance company reviews.

Checkout 1000+ auto insurance reviews from actual customers, irate policyholders, and happy, long-term clients.

One of our more popular pages, our auto insurance reviews page points you to over a thousand customer reviews covering decades of experience with major insurance companies in the US and Canada. Insurance companies are listed in alphabetical order with the star rating and number of reviews from actual customers. It’s hard to find a better list of car insurance reviews. Enjoy!

21st Century Insurance Reviews (8 reviews, – 21st Century Insurance has been selling insurance since 1958, and are still known for their great customer service and rates.

AAA Insurance Reviews (72 reviews, ) – The American Automobile Association helps with roadside assistance, but they also sell auto insurance.

Acceptance Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 11111 ) – Nashville-based company that offers a wide range of car insurance product in 13 states.

Access Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 22222 ) – Access Insurance is an award winning business that was started in 1994.  They are based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and currently sell auto insurance in 22 states through independent agents only.

Acuity Insurance Reviews (0 reviews, 00000 ) – A little known company that has been around a long time and are the proud owners of the nations tallest American flag.

AIG Insurance Reviews (8 reviews, ) –  A major global insurer, AIG also markets auto insurance to US drivers.

Alfa Alliance Insurance Company (1 reviews, 44444 ) – A specialty insurance company that only writes in the state of Virginia and only for a select group of drivers.

Allied Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 )- Now a part of the Nationwide Insurance family, Allied still markets auto insurance under their own name.

Allstate Insurance Reviews (131 reviews, ) – One of the largest publicly-traded property and casualty insurance companies in the US.

American Family Insurance Reviews (30 reviews, ) – A private, mutual insurance company with a strong presence in the Western United States.

American National Insurance Company Customer Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) – A Texas based company with a 100 year history and many different insurance companies and products available.

Ameriprise Insurance Reviews (10 reviews, ) – Better known as an investment advisor, Ameriprise also markets auto insurance.

Amica Insurance Reviews (5 reviews, ) – With the many customer service awards they have earned, Amica has learned a thing or two about taking care of its customers in the 100+ years they have been around.

Arbella Insurance Reviews (14 reviews, 22222 )- Arbella focuses on auto insurance in the New England states.

Auto-Owners Insurance Reviews (7 reviews, 55555 ) – Michigan-based Auto-Owners Insurance sells auto insurance across the US.

Bear River Mutual Insurance Company Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) – A farmer started insurance company that has been around for over 100 years, and only writes insurance in the state of Utah.

Bristol West Insurance Group (1 reviews, 22222 )- A Farmers Insurance subsidiary, based in Florida. You will likely find Bristol West wherever Foremost Insurance policies are sold.

California Casualty (1 reviews, 55555 ) – Around since 1914, it has been run by the same family with the same focus of protecting those that serve in specific fields.

Casualty Corporation of America, Inc. (1 reviews, 44444 ) – Started in 1964 and currently write auto, home, and dwelling insurance only in the state of Oklahoma.

Central Insurance Reviews (4 reviews, 11111 ) – Central Insurance has been around since the late 1800’s and continues to market auto insurance.

Cincinnati Insurance Companies Reviews (4 reviews, 4.754.754.754.754.75 )- The Cincinnati Insurance Companies can be found in 39 states being sold at more than 1500 independent agent offices.

Commerce Insurance Reviews (10 reviews, 33333 ) – Another New England-based car insurance company, Commerce Insurance sells through independent agents.

Consumers Insurance USA Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) – Consumers Insurance USA can be found in only 7 states, but sometimes the smaller companies provide the better customer service.

Direct Auto Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 11111 ) – Direct Auto Insurance specializes in non-standard car insurance in the Hispanic community.

Direct General Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 44444 ) – Direct General Insurance writes insurance in only 12 states and is better known to most as Direct Auto Insurance.

DTRIC (5 reviews, – Car insurnace coverage for Hawaii drivers only.

Eastwood Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) –  Acquired by Titan Insurance in 2007, Eastwood continues to market auto insurance through it’s own brand.

Elephant Auto Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) – One of the few international insurance companies writing insurance policies in the United States.

Encompass Insurance Reviews (0 reviews, 00000 ) – Encompass Insurance customers may find that even though this company is a baby compared to other insurance companies, that they make life very convenient.

Equity Insurance Reviews (3 reviews, 2.332.332.332.332.33 ) – Equity Insurance Company is a more laid back company when it comes to standard insurance company practices, but they write insurance in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Erie Insurance Reviews (28 reviews, ) – A regional carrier, Erie Insurance focuses on car insurance in the Northeast and Midwest US.

Esurance Insurance Reviews (80 reviews, ) – One of the fastest growing auto insurance companies in the US, Esurance primarily markets online.

Farm Bureau Insurance Reviews (29 reviews, ) – A farmer’s lobby, Farm Bureau also sells car insurance across the fruited plain.

Farmer’s Insurance Reviews (47 reviews, 3.913.913.913.913.91 ) – Farmer’s Insurance is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the US.

Fidelity Insurance Reviews (5 reviews, ) – Florida-based Fidelity insurance markets car insurance products in all 50 states.

First Acceptance Insurance Reviews (33 reviews, 1.431.431.431.431.43 ) – Nashville-based First Acceptance Corporation sells car insurance to medium-to-high risk customers through a network of agents.

Frankenmuth Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) – Don’t worry, you no longer have to be able to speak German to be insured by this company.

Fred Loya Insurance Reviews (8 reviews, ) –  A smaller insurance company that is only available in 6 states they are actually found in more unique locations than the larger companies, including your local grocery store.

GAINSCO Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 11111 ) – The company to turn to if you find yourself in the nonstandard insurance market.

GEICO Insurance Reviews (300 reviews, ) – Government Employees Insurance Companies markets auto insurance though it’s ubiquitous lizard-like spokesman.

GoAuto Insurance Reviews (0 reviews, 00000 ) – A direct insurance company for the states of Louisiana and Nevada only.

Grange Insurance Reviews (92 reviews, 2.482.482.482.482.48 ) – Grange Insurance was founded in Ohio and sells car insurance in Southern and Mid-Western states.

Guide One Insurance Reviews (5 reviews, ) – An almost faith-based auto insurance company that markets to socially-responsible drivers.

Hanover Insurance Reviews (27 reviews, 1.961.961.961.961.96 ) – Hanover was also founded in the 1800’s and is one of the oldest car insurance companies in the US.

Haulers Insurance Reviews (3 reviews, 3.333.333.333.333.33 ) – Tennessee-based Haulers Insurance is a regional auto insurance carrier founded in 1986.

Horace Mann Insurance Reviews (12 reviews, 2.332.332.332.332.33 ) – Horace Mann focuses on car insurance for teachers.

IFA Auto Insurance Reviews (0 reviews, 00000 ) – Auto insurance for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Imperial Fire and Casualty Insurance Reviews (2 reviews, ) – Not all insurance companies can be found in every state.

Kemper Insurance Reviews (0 reviews, 00000 ) – A 100+ year insurance company, that is still around despite many changes over the years.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Reviews (31 reviews, 3.793.793.793.793.79 ) – Liberty Mutual has been selling auto insurance since the days of the Ford Model-T.

MAPFRE/Commerce Insurance Company Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) – MAPFRE/Commerce Insurance Company has expanded beyond the state line of Massachusetts.

Maryland Auto Insurance Fund Reviews (1 reviews, 55555 ) – The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund is for Maryland drivers who are not able to find coverage with the regular car insurance companies.

Mercury Insurance Reviews (31 reviews, 3.793.793.793.793.79 ) – A Los Angeles, California-based insurance carrier, Mercury has expanded auto insurance to other larger population states.

MetLife Insurance Reviews (11 reviews, ) – Known for life insurance, MetLife is a diversified insurance company that also sells car insurance.

Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Reviews (1 reviews, 22222 ) – One of the first insurance companies in the United States, it started out to help farmers and has grown to into a name that is recognized throughout the region it writes insurance in.

National General Insurance Reviews (2 reviews, 55555 ) -National General Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in the world, giving them the strength to bring unique insurance products to their international client base.

Nationwide Insurance Review (62 reviews, 3.543.543.543.543.54 ) – One of the largest insurance companies in the United States, Nationwide sells auto insurance across the nation.

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Reviews (4 reviews, 55555 ) – An exclusive insurance company only for those that meet membership requirements.

PEMCO Insurance Review (1 reviews, 55555 )- Based in Seattle, Washington, PEMCO only writes insurance for the states of Washington and Oregon.

Plymouth Rock Insurance Reviews (29 reviews, 1.561.561.561.561.56 ) – Boston-based auto insurer Plymouth Rock has sold insurance since the days of the pilgrims. Okay, maybe only since 1982.

Progressive Insurance Reviews (200 reviews, ) – Another major car insurance company that pioneered the direct insurance sales model.

SafeAuto Insurance Reviews (8 reviews, 2.382.382.382.382.38 ) – Another direct sales model company, SafeAuto does not use traditional auto insurance agencies to market their products.

SAFECO Insurance Reviews (27 reviews, 2.962.962.962.962.96 ) – Now part of Nationwide, SAFECO has a big presence in the Northwest but sells car insurance across the country.

Safety Insurance (2 reviews, 33333 ) – Founded in 1979, this company has stayed focused on writing only in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Shelter Insurance Reviews (3 reviews, 4.674.674.674.674.67 ) – Missouri-based auto insurer Shelter Insurance markets through independent agents and salary-based captive agents.

State Farm Insurance Reviews (232 reviews, ) – The largest car insurer in the country is also a mutual insurance company.

Sun Coast Insurance Reviews (3 reviews, 11111 ) – Sun Coast General Insurance is a California-based insurance broker that markets auto insurance on the West Coast – they are not a carrier.

The Hartford Insurance Reviews (19 reviews, 1.531.531.531.531.53 ) – The Hartford sells auto insurance through AARP and independent brokers.

The General Insurance Reviews (6 reviews, ) – The General is a large insurance agency that focuses on low cost auto insurance.

Teachers’ Insurance Reviews (3 reviews, 2.332.332.332.332.33 ) – Teachers’ Insurance focuses on selling insurance to educators.

Travelers Insurance Reviews (23 reviews, ) – Another company founded in the 1800’s, Travelers Insurance markets auto insurance throughout the country.

USAA Insurance Reviews (109 reviews, 4.464.464.464.464.46 ) – San Antonio, Texas-based USAA sells auto insurance to military members and their dependents.

Vermont Mutual Insurance Group (3 reviews, 3.673.673.673.673.67 ) – Based in Vermont and only writes insurance in the New England states and the state of New York.

Wawanesa Insurance Reviews (24 reviews, 2.872.872.872.872.87 ) – Wawanesa is a Canadian-based auto insurance company that also does business in some US states.

Western General Insurance Reviews (6 reviews, 1.831.831.831.831.83 ) – Western General Insurance brings insurance coverage to those that are having a hard time finding coverage in the standard insurance market.

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