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AAA Insurance Reviews

3.4 stars out of 5 based on 56 reviews from actual customers

Overall Rating3.433.433.433.433.43

AAA Insurance Reviews – Direct from the Auto Club

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is one of the oldest companies in the United States that sells auto insurance. They were founded in 1902 to lobby for improved roads. They continue to enjoy that heritage and have a respected tradition of roadside assistance, iconic maps, and now car insurance. The following AAA insurance reviews are from actual customers.

AAA primarily focuses on auto insurance, but they also offer home and life insurance. If you have an experience with AAA, leave a review – good or bad.

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Reviews (56)

  • Andrew


    Overall Rating 55555
    Price 55555
    Service 55555
    Claims 55555

    Left the other insurance company about 2 years ago. Never really needed insurance until recently. Mostly switched just for the cheaper prices while maintaining coverage.

    Was pleasantly surprised when the car tossed a belt and they sent someone right out with no issue at all. The driver was very nice and had it hooked up and on its way in no time at all. Had it towed directly to the house and picked up a belt at the local shop. Was back up and running in just a couple of hours.

    Just a couple months later winter was going full tilt and the nights were dipping well below zero. This does a number on car batteries and sure enough it refused to start no matter how much I wanted it to. Had a truck there within the hour. The driver brought a battery pack so it was pretty painless. He hooked up with a meter to be sure it was the battery. Informed me I really should replace it and that this would be a on going issue if I left it as is. Connected his battery pack and had me turn it over. It sprung to life without hesitation. The last thing I want to do is stand out in the cold replacing the battery so I put it off figuring there is noway it would get that cold again. Yeah not such a bright move as I had another truck in my driveway a week later. This time I did not ignore the advice and had a new battery in that night. In short, great service, great prices.


  • CS


    Overall Rating 55555
    Price 44444
    Service 55555
    Claims 55555

    AAA has been a great insurance company for me so far. I have the motorcycle plan with them and they have better rates than any of the other companies that I have looked into. One time I had to have my motorcycle towed and even though I didn’t have the motorcycle coverage just yet, they were still able to help me out. Now that I am fully covered by them, I have access to free 100 mile towing and roadside service that I have used two times. Every time I’ve called for the roadside service, they were at my location in a timely manner. The only thing I could say negative about them is that some of the places they have tow your vehicle aren’t the most respectable places. One time the guy who came to tow my bike had no idea what he was doing and I had to assist him myself.


  • Angela


    Overall Rating 22222
    Price 33333
    Service 22222
    Claims Not Rated

    I feel sorry for some of the people, with their experiences with this company and their vehicles. First let me say that I am walking away from this company, not because i have been in an accident….but because the customer service, and billing are horrific! In 2013 my credit card was comprimised. Now my insurance, home, auto, and life were all being automatically paid through this card. I immediately called my agent, and stopped in to change to the new card number. The agent put everything in the computer, and assured me all was well with the world. Next thing i know i get a letter that I am in pending cancellation. My automatic payment could not be processed. When i spoke to home office, they gave me the card number on file. The agent had typed in the wrong number! It was, as they said, at that time too late to go back on automatic payments…so I would have to pay the entire 4 months remaining payment immediately! I explained that this was unfair due to this being an error on the part of their agent. Finally, after arguing with several individuals i was put back on the automatic payment plan, but was billed two months. Not so long after… sixteen year old receives his DL and I have him responsibly added to my policy. Called my new agent ” switched agents after the last screw up” only to find out I am in pending cancellation….why? I ask. The person whom i was speaking to, not my regular agent ” States…when they added your son to the policy, the automatic payments were never updated….Why do they need to be updated, I only added someone to my policy, and i am once again pending cancellation? If the agent knew this had to be done…why didn’t he do it? Again I was told that I would have to pay the entire premium up front, or be forced to make two payments within two weeks of each other to get pack on automatic payments. As a single parent my budget does not allow me the luxury of taking out a ton of extra money to keep mopping up someones costly mistakes. Just try to get anyone at this company to help when you need it…I dare you! If the service is this bad on a paperwork level, imagine if I or my son gets into an accident. Thats it, I am out!!!


  • Michael


    Overall Rating 33333
    Price 33333
    Service 55555
    Claims 33333

    This company has its ups and downs. One time I was out of town for a job interview, and my coverage on AAA did not cover the mileage that it would take for them to drive up and pick up my truck. I had a 50 mile limit and I was over 100 miles away from my hometown. This was really frustrating because this was the one time that I needed my auto insurance company to help me out and they could not!

    I ended up calling a local tow truck and it went fine. In order for me to have used AAA, I needed a higher membership plan. I mean, I wish they could have at least come out and I had the option of upgrading my membership after they picked up my truck. They said that I had to either go online or call on the phone to upgrade my membership on normal business hours. It was past normal business hours so I could not upgrade my membership. I feel like this is part of a scam, but it’s just another big company with their weird rules.

    On the bright side, I have been in situations where I had to call them to pick up my truck and they do do it very fast and efficiently. They have very reliable customer service which is always a great thing in any business. Great customer service can make or break a relationship between a company and their clients. Overall I would say this is a good company.


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