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USAA Reviews

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) was founded in 1924 by a group of Army officers. They’re headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. They sell auto, home, and life insurance to military personnel and their dependents. In recent years, they’ve begun selling to other government employees. The below USAA reviews are from actual customers.

USAA does not have an agency force, but markets their products directly to their prospective customers. If you have had USAA car insurance, leave a review about your experience, good or bad. To see reviews for a different company, checkout these auto insurance reviews.


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Overall Rating4.494.494.494.494.49

Reviews (104)

  • john


    Overall Rating 44444
    Price 44444
    Service 55555
    Claims 44444

    They provide 100% coverage and exclude depreciation charges. It provides roadside emergency assistance. Its an all inclusive or comprehensive insurance including anti theft, loss or damages except the fiber parts, third party cover, personal accidental cover etc. this was automatically taken by the car dealer as they had a tie up with them. The experience was pretty smooth and I had even claimed it once. The claims process was very smooth and took just 2-3 days as it was co-ordinated and processed by the dealer. They provided 70-80% coverage. bigger problem when they do not trust each other or take responsibility for each other when they are in fact the same company and chose not to stand behind the USAA name. I will move my business elsewhere and do not recommend them at all! I am not asking for anything that is not right. I did everything I was supposed to and since I cannot prove that I called and asked to remove both my mother’s car and mother, I’m in the wrong. I know for a fact that I told the support center that my mom would no longer be driving. I can also access my policy details online. Customer service is good with them and I have faced claims many time and the reimbursement used to happens within a day of time.


  • Susan


    Overall Rating 11111
    Price 11111
    Service 11111
    Claims 11111

    I am very disappointed with USAA. My car was a 1995 Camry. When I had an accident, they said it was a total loss. That was okay I thought. Then, they said what they were going to give me for it. I checked 5 auto sales websites, private parties, and could not find any cars that were the exact same year and model that had that low of a price for sale except salvage title vehicle which meant it didn’t even work.. The cars I did test drive in my same make and model and year, were dented, worse engines and they wanted $400-600 more than what USAA said they would give me. Plus they won’t even process the claim to send check til I turn my car in to them. What am I going to drive?!! Plus the cars will be sold by the time I get the check. And I won’t have a car. How can they take my car away with out giving me a check the same day so I can purchase one that day!!!? Don’t use USAA


  • T. Treanor


    Overall Rating 55555
    Price 55555
    Service 55555
    Claims 44444

    I can honestly say that USAA has been a good insurer for our family. We have used USAA for all of our auto insurance for years now and they have always taken care of our needs when we had accidents or needed repairs. We have used their services and recommended providers for accidents, glass damage, rental cars, and being locked out of our own car. We also use USAA for our home insurance needs. USAA has been responsive when we had leaks in our basement window and was able to put us in contact with a recommended repair provider. We also use USAA for our life insurance needs. They have provided a very reasonable term life insurance policy for a minimal cost. The payments for all of our insurance coverages are very reasonable and we have never been unfairly penalized for the accidents that we have experienced. In fact, we enjoy very low insurance rates that the other providers simply can’t come close to offering. USAA also provides us with network discounts for other services, such as buying or renting a vehicle, getting a reduction on our tax preparation services, or purchasing more expensive luxury items on the rare occasion. I have always felt that when we needed help in an emergency, USAA has been there for us as a polite, helpful provider. We have always been able to call USAA at a moment’s notice and get very good service that is exactly what we needed at the time.


  • karthik k|


    Overall Rating 44444
    Price 33333
    Service 33333
    Claims 44444

    I compared the 12 largest auto insurance companies that provide coverage for individuals in most areas of the U.S. Even though USAA is one of the largest companies, it was excluded since its plans are only available to those with military connections. AARP was also excluded because its plans are provided by The Hartford Financial Services Group separately. While comparing insurance companies keep in mind that premium rates vary greatly based on numerous factors, and some services might not be available in your area. In addition, while it is rather straightforward to find upfront information about insurance companies, it’s difficult to discover details about how well claims are processed and paid. My car is insured with USAA. Had a really good experience when getting a cashless claim from them through my dealer with whom they have a tie-up. Even at the time of insurance renewal, they sent along an agent to collect the cheque, while the renewed insurance papers reached me within the next 3 days via courier.


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