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Why Did the Rate on my 2016 Vehicle Suddenly Go Up?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 11/30/2017

Q: Last year I added a new 2016 vehicle to my car insurance policy and now my policy is renewing and my rate is going up on just that vehicle. I haven’t had any car accidents or claims and I have 2 other vehicles on my policy, why is the rate going up for just that car?

A: When your car insurance company added your new vehicle last year they most likely had to override the VIN number because the vehicle was so new it wasn’t in their system yet. This means that your new vehicle was rated on just it’s value and some of its features, both of which they would have had to manually enter. Now that the VIN is in their system they have all of the correct vehicle information to be able to place an accurate rate on the vehicle.

It also means that enough time has passed to collect some data on the vehicle’s road and claim history. Information like:

  • The driving habits and violation frequency of people that usually drive that car.
  • How often does a car like this get into a car accident.
  • How much damage can this vehicle do to another vehicle.
  • How much or how little damage does this vehicle sustain during an accident.
  • How safe are the occupants inside the vehicle during an accident.
  • How expensive is it to repair the damages to this vehicle.

This information also affects the rate of your 2016 vehicle and you can expect that as more information comes in over the next few years that your rate will keep being adjusted either up or down.

Car Insurance Cancelled from Suspended License

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 11/29/2017


A: Well first, car insurance companies won’t insure someone that has a suspended license. This is why you were cancelled without notice. If you would have told them you had a suspended license at the beginning they most likely would not have even offered you a car insurance policy in the first place, which means you probably lied on your application.

Second, it’s your own fault that your license was suspended and you shouldn’t have done whatever you did to get it suspended in the first place. A suspension is a big deal and it means you did something bad enough that they want you to stop driving for a while. Taking the bus to work for a bit may help you think twice about your actions once you do start driving again.

Third, contact an insurance agent. You are most likely only going to get insurance in the high-risk, involuntary market and you are going to need a car insurance agents help in getting your insurance in place at this point.

Medical bills After a Car Accident

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 11/26/2017

Q: I was in voles in a hit and run they lady kept going now my car is messed up . I’m hurting now should I go to a dr?

A: If you are injured, whether it is a hit-and-run or not, it is your call if you see a doctor. Even if you ask your insurance company this question, they are going to tell you the same thing. There is never any guarantee that your medical bills will be paid by your insurance company (or the other insurance company if it wasn’t a hit-and-run) and an insurance company will never initially commit to paying them.

The good news is that if you have uninsured motorist coverage, medical expenses are included in the coverage. Unfortunately, still with no guarantee of payment. You can always ask your car insurance agent for the details of medical expense payments under this coverage, but most likely they will refer you to file a claim so a claims adjuster can review your policy. If you ask the claims adjuster, you will be told that they will pay accident-related medical expenses and to seek medical attention if you need medical attention. However, until they review the bills from your doctor they won’t commit to paying them.

So, if you are injured enough you feel you need a doctor, go see a doctor. Don’t base your decision to seek medical care on whether or not the car insurance company is going to pay for it.


Getting New Car Insurance Quotes Doesn’t Have to be Tedious

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 10/31/2017

Q: I don’t like how much I am paying for car insurance, but I don’t want to spend all day getting insurance quotes either, what should I do?

A: If you have all of your information together and ready to go it really doesn’t take all that long to get a new insurance quote. Best thing to do is to print out the declarations page of your current insurance policy, take it into an independent car insurance agency and hand them your declarations page. Tell them you are unhappy with your current car insurance rates and are looking for the same coverages for a better price.

After that you have nothing else to do, you don’t even have to hang out in their office if you don’t want to. The agent will put together a bunch of quotes for all of the different companies they write for and you simply have to choose which quote you like the best when they give you the information. They can do it all while you are in the office or you can arrange to come back at a later time.

If you prefer to do the quoting yourself and don’t want to go from one website to another, find a website (like ours) that has a quote aggregator. A quote aggregator allows you to put all of your information one time and will present you with quotes from a number of different companies. Again, you just have to choose which one you want.

In the end, the little amount of time you spend getting quotes this way is very much worth the amount of money you can save on your car insurance premium.

US Car Insurance for a Temporary Canadian Citizen

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 10/31/2017

Q: Hi! I’m a US citizen and I am coming to Canada for a year through IEC working holiday visa, so I’ll be a temporary resident and I’ll be bringing my car with me. Do I need to get Canadian insurance on my car?

A: This is a great question for your car insurance agent as there are a couple of things going on here. First, I am located in the United States, so I can only speak of our insurance rules and regulations here. Second, your car insurance here in the US does normally cover you while you are traveling in Canada, so normally you would not need Canadian car insurance. However, with you being in Canada for a year as a temporary resident this changes your residency and the regular location of where the vehicle is for that long of a period of time; both items car insurance companies use to determine what state and country your car insurance should be from.

Your car insurance agent will be able to tell you if your car insurance company here in the United States would still extend coverage during your time in Canada or if you would need to purchase car insurance coverage on a Canadian policy.  The good news is, even if you do have to get Canadian car insurance, your US policy will still provide you at least temporary coverage while you are getting your Canadian car insurance coverage in place.

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