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No Auto Claims or Cyberbullying Here

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 02/01/2017

Q: My claim number is xxxxxxx claim person Sxxxxx Kxxxxx Her number is xxxxxxxxxx Would you please tell her to get off her indifferent attitude and subrogate the clai,m. Doesn’t she give a damn I faxed her picturesband proof she needs .Her attitude is cavalier and laissey faire

A:  This was posted as a comment on a subrogation article. First of all, why you even think that it was remotely okay to post something like this with all of that information?  That is cyberbullying!!!!!  You are the reason that we filter all of our comments. And this is a warning to anyone else that would do this; your comments will be deleted before they see the light of day if you try to bully anyone at your insurance company, anyone you have a claim against, or anyone that you attack that has posted a comment.  We do not tolerate that here, take your hate somewhere else.

Second, how is posting this information on a auto insurance advice website and telling us to “tell her to get off her indifferent attitude and subrogate the clai,m” going to get you anywhere with your claim.  We don’t know who this person is and we are not your insurance company. If you have a problem take it up with her manager.

Penalty for Cancelling Car Insurance Early?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 02/01/2017

A: Hi, I cancelled the insurance during 8th month for a 12th month policy.The insurance company charged me for full 12 months and have a debt collection agency collect the money. They havent added any cancelation charge which would be 10% of remaining 4 months charge.
Does the cancellation charge be remaining 4 months payment ??. I cancelled the policy on December 10th 2 days prior to the next months due date.


Q: You need to talk to your agent or car insurance company about this.  This sounds like a North Carolina short rate issue, but I don’t know without having more information.  With North Carolina short rate though, I do believe it’s not 10% of the remaining months of the policy term, that it’s 10% of what the total premium was. Some companies do have a cancellation penalty, which this could be also.

Also I would need to see your billing history to be able to give a good answer. Some payment plans you are paying exactly a month ahead, some you are paying two months ahead, and some you are paying two week behind and two weeks ahead. If you have changed you payment due date this could screw up what time period your payments are paying for. Also, if you have made any changes to your policy you could owe back earned premium that they are charging you for.

So, the best thing to do is to have your insurance company explain exactly what you are charged for or even ask for them to send you a written billing breakdown with a running balance to show you what you paid for and any changes.

Filing a Claim on Another Person’s Car Insurance Policy

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 01/31/2017

Q: i was parked and a driver with insurance (underwriter=insurance policy)bumped my car..he said he lodged a claim which must cover damages to my vehicle..2nd day now, i have not heard from his insurance to get my vehicle assessed and fixed…his name is :-Mxxxxx Sxxxx Bxxxxxx..please give me info he said you will be deALING WITH THE CLAIM??

A: Three things here:

1) Underwriter does not equal insurance policy. Underwriters can be found in many different fields. They are the people that decide if they want to give you a mortgage, provide a loan to you, and in insurance if you are something they want to insure.

2) We are not an insurance company; we do not have policy holder information nor do we have a claims department to file claims. We are simply a website that provides car insurance advice and a place where you can get car insurance quotes for different car insurance companies.

3) Never trust that another person is going to file a claim for damages to your vehicle. If you have not heard from their insurance company, contact them yourself and file the claim.  If you didn’t get their car insurance information and you haven’t heard from their insurance company, file a police report.

Mexican Auto Insurance

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 01/22/2017

Q:  Where can I get auto insurance for Mexico as a full time Permanent Resident?

A: From a Mexican auto insurance agent.

You can always Google “Mexican auto insurance for residents” to find a list of companies and agents that sell auto insurance in Mexico.  Just make sure that it is auto insurance for residents and not for tourists.

Why Do My Car Insurance Rates Keep Going Up?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 01/01/2017

Q: No matter how much I lower coverage we don’t need and they wouldn’t pay anyway I find every 6 months car and home insurance increases.

A: Understandably, people get upset when their car insurance rates and homeowners rates increase at their renewal. Insurance is a hard commodity to understand because you can’t touch or see it, but it is no different than anything else you purchase. Just like when your gallon of milk increases in price to make up for the increased price of gas to deliver it or because there is a drought and they have to pay to bring in extra feed to replace the dead grass, so your insurance premium has to increase to make up for the increases in cost for medical treatments, building materials and more technologically advanced vehicles. If they didn’t increase your premium to keep up with the rising costs everywhere else they wouldn’t have enough money to pay out for claims.