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C.L.U.E. Reports: Keeping Track of Your Claim Record

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Definitions Last Updated: 11/17/2015

C.L.U.E. reports keep your insurance company in the know about your past claims history so that they can charge you the appropriate premium for your coverage.

C.L.U.E. Reports are a Claims Summary

C.L.U.E. Reports provide the insurance company with a record of your past insurance claims.

When you call to get a quote for new car insurance you may be taken aback when the person giving you your quote goes over your loss history with you.

Wait a minute! You didn’t include that information when you answered their questions. But, there it is right in front of them; every claim that you have had in the last 7 years. Just exactly how did they get that information if you didn’t give it to them?

You can thank your C.L.U.E. report (or CLUE report) for enlightening this insurance company of your past claims history.

What Is a C.L.U.E. Report?

A C.L.U.E. report is a database the insurance companies use to communicate your loss history with each other. C.L.U.E. stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange and is administered by a company called ChoicePoint. A C.L.U.E. report will show every past car accident where a claim was filed with your insurance company and every claim that you have had on your homeowner’s policies as well.

An insurance company has to subscribe to be able to obtain or submit information to this database.

So, if your current insurance company is not a subscriber they cannot submit your claim information to C.L.U.E. and your new company will not see your claim in there. Also if the insurance company that you are getting a quote with is not a subscriber they will not be able to pull any of your past claim information from the C.L.U.E. database.

Think that you will be able to find a cheaper rate by finding a company that doesn’t subscribe to C.L.U.E. so that they will not know about your past claims history? Don’t bother. Most insurance companies today subscribe to this database and even for the few that don’t, they have their own methods to be able to find your information.

Who Uses C.L.U.E. Reports?

The main users of the C.L.U.E. database are insurance companies so that they can accurately base your rates according to your claims history. You can also request your own C.L.U.E. report on yourself for car accidents or for the property that you own.

To request your own C.L.U.E. report call 1-866-312-8076.

What if There Is a Wrong Entry On my C.L.U.E. Report?

If your insurance company is telling you that there is an entry on your C.L.U.E. report that you disagree with or you have requested your own report and there is something there that you don’t feel is correct, just like with a credit report, you have the right to dispute the entry. To file a dispute or even to have a note added to your C.L.U.E. report about a past claim, you can contact ChoicePoint.

ChoicePoint will make a note on your report for you or will contact the insurance company for more information if you are disputing the information that they reported to the C.L.U.E. database.

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Michele's first introduction to insurance was working for a major insurance company as a file clerk and a mailroom supervisor in a regional office. She learned insurance directly from underwriters and claims adjusters from questions and also watching them do their job. Since then, she's earned a number of insurance certifications from the Insurance Institute of America and also a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho. She blogs at Car Insurance Guidebook.

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