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? Root Insurance Reviews (and how you can save with them)

Root Insurance Logo (review page)Not only does Root Insurance have excellent customer feedback, but it also has a unique and attractive pricing model. Read along to know how the company works and how you can benefit from it.

Working primarily with data and technology, Root Insurance reimagines auto insurance services in a way that makes it more affordable and seamless. With Root, the customers’ rates are calculated almost entirely on the way they drive. Founded in 2015, the company mainly operates with the help of intuitive technology.

How Root Auto Insurance Works

  • The process begins with the customer opting into the quote acquirement process by downloading the Root app.
  • The app then tracks and evaluates the driver’s behaviors like driving speed, turn speed, hard braking, and ride smoothness for a few weeks.
  • After the trial period, the company either draws up a quote for the customer or refuses to cover them.

What Makes Root Auto Insurance Unique

Root insurance stands apart from other auto insurance companies in two main ways:

  • Insurance policy based on driving habits
    Other companies mainly factor in the customer’s demographic details and driving history. While Root considers this information as well, its main focus lies on how good a driver their customer makes. The company may turn down “high-risk” or “bad” drivers. This means that for the customers who do get a quote, Root charges comparatively lower rates. The equation is simple: if a customer is a better driver, they get to pay a lesser price.
  • App-based service
    Since Root policies are completely app-based, the customer can pay bills, view ID cards and policy documents, call for roadside assistance, track and file claims, and do much more right through their smartphones. In addition, they can even get an SR-22 if they’re in need of one.

More About Root

Since a customer’s driving habits and not the demographics are the main factor of consideration, Root also believes in rewarding their good drivers. For example, the company offers a 10% discount for drivers who refrain from using their smartphones on the road.

Although Root doesn’t provide nationwide services yet, it plans to grow quickly and spread across all the states. Overall, Root Insurance is a competitive company. However, not all drivers may qualify for their policy.


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Save Up To 46% on Car Insurance
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