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Progressive Review: B Stephens, Texas

Progressive Review from Texas

Progressive Review from Texas

I have been with the Progressive Insurance for over five years. I originally wanted to find quotes for insurance companies online and went out scouring for the best one. My problem was that every online company I was trying to get a quote from wanted me to finish the process over the phone or try to get me to electronically sign an online contract. These kinds of companies supremely scare me because I do not want to have to commit to something I am not sure I want yet.

Progressive was the only company that allowed me to enter my information and get a quote without having to commit to any contract, if I did not want to. Progressive also quoted me one amount online and then when I decided to go with them as my automobile insurance company, I got that price. It was even lower than the original quote they gave me.

When I had to file two insurance claims, I had no issues with Progressive. Progressive offered to have people come to my home, office, and school just to look at my car when I got hail damage a few years ago. Progressive was diligent to get the quote done on time and also to get the money to repair my vehicle.

Another time I was in a head-on collision with an uninsured motorist. Progressive was able to come out to my work parking lot, have my vehicle towed, and setup a rental vehicle while my car was being fixed. This was all done in a one day’s time. They even sent the car to the repair shop where I wanted my car to go.

Progressive has also been there when my payments are due – I know that sounds funny but here’s what I mean. I can pay by personal checks, credit cards, debit cards, and now even PayPal. Knowing that I can pay my Progressive insurance bill via PayPal is great. Not only is that a secure website but it gives me the ability to make a payment via two secure websites: Progressive and PayPal.

In the future, no matter the vehicle, I’m going with Progressive. They have been dedicated to me and have shown their appreciation to this customer by giving me standard discounts every year. Thank you, Progressive.

– B Stephens, Texas
September 20, 2009

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