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Shopping for Female Car Insurance

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Research Last Updated: 11/17/2015

When purchasing female car insurance, start the process by educating yourself.

Shopping for female car insurance

Most women know more about the quality of their shoes than their car insurance, it’s time to change that.

Purchasing female car insurance is no different than purchasing male car insurance. The process is the same and the only real difference is that female car insurance is generally cheaper than it is for the men. But, since all things auto are usually handled by the men, we as women sometimes face the same chauvinistic treatment when we buy car insurance as we do when buying a car.

Here is some advice in how to arm yourself for the process of purchasing female car insurance and getting the best coverage for your money.

Researching Female Car Insurance

Don’t start blindly calling around for car insurance when you are ready for a policy. Do your research and know what you need and what you want first.

You can do this by:

  • Asking family members for help.
  • Older friends that have been buying insurance for a long time.
  • Friends that work in the insurance industry.
  • Sitting down and talking to several insurance agents.
  • Visit websites like Car Insurance Guidebook that provides insurance advice.

Knowing what you need and want from your insurance policy will protect you from getting talked into buying coverages that you really don’t need. Some agents will do this just to get their commission from the sale of you policy to increase. But, by being informed you will not feel helpless and will know what the agent is talking about. Then you can confidently tell them that you don’t need the extra coverage they are trying to sell you.

Shopping for Female Car Insurance

Now that you know what coverages that you need to get for your female car insurance, you are ready to start shopping around for a company. There are three ways that you can start getting quotes to purchase female car insurance: through an agent, directly from a company or a quote aggregator.

When you call an agent you will find that some agents (independent) will write for a number of different insurance companies and others write for just one company. The agent that sells insurance for multiple companies will be able to provide you with more than one quote for female car insurance and can be a big time saver.

Another approach is to get female car insurance quotes directly from the insurance companies themselves. You can call them on the phone or go to their website to get the quotes. The nice thing about getting quotes directly from the insurance company is that you skip the agent and their commission; making your premium automatically cheaper.

Lastly, and my favorite way of getting insurance quotes, is to use a quote aggregator online. A quote aggregator is an independent website that allows you to put in your information and provides you with quotes from multiple insurance companies. It is very similar to getting a female car insurance quote from an independent agent, but without the agent there to try and sell you things you don’t need.

Purchasing Female Car Insurance

It is recommended that you obtain at least 3 quotes for female car insurance when you are shopping around. But, this is just a recommendation feel free to get as many as you need to make a good decision.

Chose the company that you feel most comfortable with and that provides that best coverage for your money. You will find that when you are looking at all of the quotes, all of the coverages may be the same. The only difference is the price that is charged for the coverages.

This would be a good time to research the companies themselves to find out which one provides good claims and customer service. You can do this by:

  • Talking to friends and family.
  • Contacting the Better Business Bureau for complaint records.
  • Finding customer reviews on companies.
  • Reading reviews from other businesses.

Once you have a company and a quote that you feel comfortable with, it is time to contact them to purchase your female car insurance policy.

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Michele Wilmonen

Michele’s first introduction to insurance was working for a major insurance company as a file clerk and a mailroom supervisor in a regional office. She learned insurance directly from underwriters and claims adjusters from questions and also watching them do their job. Since then, she’s earned a number of insurance certifications from the Insurance Institute of America and also a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho. She blogs at Car Insurance Guidebook.

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