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Driver’s Safety Courses

Written by Todd Clay. Posted in Definitions Last Updated: 10/21/2011

Known as many different names, driver’s safety courses help drivers learn to be safer behind the wheel and can offer some money saving perks as well.

An Off Ramp to a Driver’s safety courses

Sometimes drivers need to take the exit off the main road into a driver's safety course.

Driver’s Safety courses, also known as defensive driving courses or traffic school, help drivers who may have forgotten the safe way to operate a vehicle. These courses are designed as a quick update of driver laws and techniques for the driver. They can be mandatory for bad drivers and voluntary for older drivers just looking for a car insurance discount.

Driver’s Safety Course Education

Basically  driver’s safety courses are a very summarized version of Driver’s Ed. Most courses are only for about 8 hours and can be broken up into a handful of small sessions or one full Saturday session.

What you will learn in your driver’s safety courses:

  • Accident Avoidance Techniques
  • Proper Lane Changing
  • Stopping at Red Lights
  • New Driving Laws for Your State
  • Safety Restraints
  • Post-Accident Tips
  • Speeding Laws

These are just some of the subjects that your driving school instructor may go over. The final subject matter will depend on the state that you live in. They will present the information to you in the form of lectures, worksheets, and reading material.

If you are lucky there will be a comedy driver’s safety course for you to take in your area. This new form of traffic school offers everything that the regular course does, but is presented in a comedic fashion by the instructor.

The Perks of Driver’s Safety Courses

Driver’s safety courses not only make you a safer driver (yes, this is a perk), it also helps to decrease your insurance premium. If you have tickets and accidents on your driving record, this course could decrease the number of points that are charged on your record for these violations. The lower amount of points means that the insurance company won’t charge you so much for your premium.

Back to the becoming a safer driver. Safer drivers enjoy the perks of not having accident and ticket surcharges on their insurance policies. This means that they are paying less for the same insurance coverage that you have. By paying attention in this class and driving safer than you have been, after your tickets and accidents have fallen off your record, you also can enjoy this low premium perk.

Eligible driver’s safety courses can also add a discount to your insurance policy if you are an older driver. This discount will help to decrease the premium that the insurance company is charging you for your age. The driving classes for older drivers have nothing to do with traffic school and are not because of tickets or accidents.

Locations of Driver’s Safety Courses

The locations of driver’s safety courses vary by your state and even by the area of the state that you live in. In some states you can take your driver’s safety course online from the convenience of your home. To find out when and where the driver’s safety courses in your area are offered, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles or local police department. You can also check online for the driver’s safety courses near you.

If your driving record is bad enough, the authorities will tell you where to go; you won’t have to ask. This is because your driver’s safety courses will be mandatory.

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