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Cheap Van Insurance For Your Van

Written by Todd Clay. Posted in Research Last Updated: 08/18/2010

How van insurance is different from normal auto insurance, getting the extras covered, and how RV insurance may make more sense

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Good, cheap van coverage is easier than you think.

Getting cheap van insurance is very similar to getting cheap car insurance. After all, a personal van policy is no different from a personal auto policy – but that’s different from commercial van insurance.

If you’re trying to keep your premiums low, treat it the same way you would normal car insurance. For inexpensive van insurance, you’ll want to go with the lowest liability limits and highest full coverage deductibles to limit costs. Just make sure you’re getting adequate coverage in the process.

Shopping around doesn’t hurt either. Different companies look at different things when calculating premiums so rates can vary dramatically.

However, there are other things one should consider when insuring a van. There are a lot of extras generally not found in the run-of-the-mill sedan. Cheap van insurance isn’t just about getting the best price.

Additional Coverage for Van Extras

But a standard auto policy won’t always cover a van’s extra stuff. Vans often come with extra items – these items can usually cover with an ‘inland marine’ rider. The term ‘inland marine’ is a quaint 19th Century throwback, originally referring to insurance for items transported along canals. Today it refers to coverage for items not covered by the standard auto insurance.

Extra items on vans include third-party installed car stereos and other valuable aftermarket items. Agents or brokers may forget to tell you that if an item is not factory installed, it may not be covered on a standard automobile policy for theft or vandalism. The inland marine rider fills that gap by covering those items separately.

In addition, most inland marine coverage is based on stated value. In other words you tell the agent how much it is worth and it’s covered for that amount less any deductible – though that amount may diminish over time due to depreciation. Bear in mind, this coverage isn’t just for vans. Any vehicle with aftermarket upgrades installed would benefit from inland marine coverage.

RV Insurance for Really Big ‘Vans’

The cheapest van insurance may not be “van insurance” at all. If your van qualifies, you may want to consider insuring it as a recreational vehicle instead of as a personal automobile.

In addition to liability and material damage coverage, RV insurance often comes with extras such as coverage for personal property, liability coverage at vacation sites, emergency expense coverage (such as for a hotel room if the RV breaks down), and other enhanced benefits not found in a typical personal auto policy.

Check with your agent or broker to see if your van qualifies for RV insurance.

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