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Illinois SR22 Insurance

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Research Last Updated: 11/29/2014

Don’t neglect your Illinois SR22 insurance or you could lose your driving privileges.

Illinois SR22 insurance gives you another chance to be able to drive, instead of automatically losing your driver's license.

Illinois SR22 insurance gives you another chance to be able to drive, instead of automatically losing your driver’s license.

Instead of automatically losing their driver’s license when they make a mistake behind the wheel, Illinois SR22 insurance offers drivers a 2nd chance to still be able to drive. Also known as a Financial Responsibility Certificate, SR22 insurance allows a driver to show the state that they can be a responsible driver during an allotted amount of time, similar to probation.

However, if a driver fails to follow the Illinois SR22 insurance requirements, the consequences are immediate and severe.

Why Would You Need Illinois SR22 Insurance?

If you need SR22 insurance in Illinois, the state will very clearly let you know. Most people that need an SR22 certificate because they have one or more of the following:

  • Three or more convictions for mandatory insurance violations
  • Safety responsibility suspensions
  • Unsatisfied judgment suspensions
  • Mandatory insurance supervisions
  • Revocations

Again, the state will advise you if you need SR22 insurance. So even if you do have one of the above, you don’t have to go out and get Illinois SR22 insurance quotes until you are told that you need to have it.

What Types of Illinois SR22 Insurance Are There?

SR22 insurance or Financial Responsibility Certificates are available in three different forms depending on which one meets your needs and satisfies your SR22 requirement from the state:

  1. Operator’s Certificate — covers the motorist operating a non-owned vehicle.
  2.  Owner’s Certificate — covers vehicles owned by the driver.
  3.  Operators-Owners Certificate — covers all vehicles owned or non-owned by the driver

How Much is SR22 Insurance in Illinois?

Illinois SR22 insurance can only be purchased through an insurance company that is authorized to write SR22 insurance in Illinois and also has a power of attorney on file with the state.  Because the insurance company does all the work of writing your policy, submitting the required request for an SR22 certificate with the state, and notifies the state of the status of your SR22 insurance for the time period that you have to have it they are the ones that decide how much to charge you for it.

This charge will vary from one insurance company to the next.

How Long Do You Need SR22 in Illinois?

If you are notified that you have to have an SR22 filing, you will have to have it for 3 years. If at any time you let your Illinois SR22 insurance expire, your driver’s license will be immediately suspended as soon as the state finds out.

Florida SR22 and FR44 Insurance

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Research Last Updated: 12/24/2014

Florida SR22 insurance is not the only Certificate of Financial Responsibility in the state.

florida sr22 insurance

You don’t have to choose between Florida SR22 insurance and Florida FR44 insurance, you will be told which one you need.

Depending on what driving troubles you have found yourself in, you may be required by the state of Florida to either have Florida SR22 insurance or Florida FR44 insurance.

So what’s the difference between these two insurance filings?

SR22 insurance is required in the state of Florida if you have been:

  • Caught driving without Florida car insurance
  • Caused a car accident and did not have Florida car insurance
  • Failed to satisfy a court judgment that resulted from an accident

FR44 insurance is a much more serious insurance filing and is required if you have been:

  • Convicted of driving under the influence

Additional Florida Car Insurance Coverage

In addition to purchasing SR22 insurance, you also have to carry a minimum amount of car insurance. For a Florida SR22, the minimum amount of car insurance is:

  • $10,000/$20,000 bodily injury
  • $10,000 property damage coverage

A Florida FR44 filing, however, requires a much higher base insurance coverage than an SR22 or even state minimum requirements. Because of the underlying reason of having to have an FR44 filing in Florida, you now have to carry:

  • $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury coverage
  • $50,000 in property damage coverage

The Cost of SR22 Insurance in Florida

Just like with regular car insurance, the cost of Florida SR22 insurance and FR44 insurance will vary from one insurance company to another. So when you are calling around for Florida SR22 insurance quotes don’t agree to purchase the first quote you receive. Call around to a number of different insurance companies and agencies to find which one can offer you the best premium.

Meeting the SR22 Insurance Requirements in Florida

Once you are required to have Florida SR22 auto insurance or FR44 auto insurance you usually have to keep it active for three years. Three years is the general requirement, but depending on the circumstances of why you have to have it, the amount of time can be more or less. You will be advised as to how long you will need to keep it, so don’t worry about having to guess.

In addition to making sure you have your Florida SR22 insurance and Florida FR44 insurance, your car insurance agent will be able to help you meet all other requirements, as well as submit the required electronic filings to the state of Florida for you.


New York SR22 Insurance

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Research Last Updated: 11/29/2014

Car insurance laws in New York are different than in other states, and their SR22 insurance is no different.

new york car insurance

No New York SR22 Insurance needed.

Surprise, you don’t need SR22 insurance in the State of New York! In the past, New York SR22 insurance filing requirements were the same as all of the other states in the U.S., until changes were made in the last few years. Now, drivers no longer have to worry about satisfying SR22 insurance requirements in New York as being part of the aftermath of certain traffic citations.

Why Would You of Needed New York SR-22 Insurance?

In the past, SR22 insurance for New York drivers did not become a requirement until they got caught doing one of the following:

  • Caused an accident and was not carrying the minimum required New York car insurance or any New York car insurance at all.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving without a driver’s license
  • Driving with an expired driver’s license
  • Driving without the minimum required New York car insurance
  • Repeatedly break the law

Additional New York Car Insurance Coverage

Even though you don’t need New York SR22 insurance any longer, you are still required to carry the following insurance coverages if you want to drive:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $25k/50k
  • Property Damage Liability: $10k
  • Fatality Liability: $50k/100k

The Cost of SR22 Insurance in New York

There is no cost associated with having to file an SR22 in New York as it is no longer required to be filed.



Texas SR22 Insurance

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Research Last Updated: 11/28/2014

Texas SR22 Insurance is an additional form of liability insurance required by the Texas Department of Insurance.

texas sr22 insurance

Texas SR22 insurance can get you back in the right direction.

Texas SR22 insurance shows the state that you have the required minimum liability insurance that is needed to drive legally in Texas. Although most people call it SR22 insurance, Texas also refers to it as a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate.

SR22 insurance is not something that is needed by all drivers, only certain ones that have been advised that they will need to carry it.

Why Would You Need Texas SR22 Insurance?

You need Texas SR22 insurance if you have had any of the following happen to you:

  • Your license has been suspended due to a conviction, judgment or a car accident
  • Your license has been revoked due to a conviction, judgment or a car accident

However, if you have had any of the above happen don’t automatically assume that you will need to get Texas SR22 insurance. You will always be told if you need to have it, and if they don’t say anything then you don’t need to have it.

Additional Texas Car Insurance Coverage

Texas SR22 insurance is a coverage that is required on top of your regular Texas car insurance policy for your vehicle. Because it is an additional insurance coverage, it means that you will be paying more for your insurance coverage than you did before you were required to carry the SR22.

In addition to the SR22 insurance, to meet the minimum insurance requirements in the State of Texas your base insurance policy must still include the following:

  • $25,000 in property damage liability coverage
  • $30,000 in bodily injury liability coverage to cover one person
  • $60,000 in bodily injury liability total coverage to cover all injured parties

If you do not own a vehicle, but still want to drive, you will need to get a non-owner SR22 policy.

The Cost of SR22 Insurance in Texas

Just like with your regular car insurance premium, the insurance company decides how much they are going to charge their clients for SR22 insurance. This means that the cost will vary from one insurance company to the next, so there is no flat rate to be able to depend on for the cost.

To find out how much your newly required SR22 insurance in Texas will be, you will have to call around to different insurance companies and insurance agents to find out. Also, just like with your regular car insurance, don’t settle on the first quote you get. Always shop around to make sure you are getting the best price for your coverage.

How Do You Get Texas SR22 Insurance?

Texas SR22 insurance is purchased through your car insurance agent, as long as your agent or provider has to be authorized to write liability insurance for the State of Texas. Once you have to have SR22 insurance, you have to keep it active for two years.

If at any time the Texas Department of Insurance receives notification that your Texas Sr22 insurance has lapsed, terminated or been canceled, you driver’s license and vehicle registration may be suspended.


California SR22 Insurance

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Research Last Updated: 11/27/2014

California SR22 insurance is like a financial punishment for not behaving behind the wheel.

California SR22 insurance

Don’t let not having California SR22 insurance get you in more trouble with the law.

California SR22 insurance (or SR22 financial responsibility insurance) is an extra car insurance coverage for those in California that have found themselves in trouble for a serious driving infraction. Instead of just taking away a driver’s ability to be able to drive, SR22 insurance offers drivers another chance to be able to drive and show the state that they can be responsible drivers. Unfortunately, this second chance will also increase the amount you pay for your car insurance.

Why Would You Need California SR22 Insurance?

The State of California requires that you have the additional SR22 insurance if you:

  • Are convicted of a DUI
  • Your license is revoked
  • You caused an accident in the past while driving without car insurance and have not compensated the expenses of the other parties involved.
  • You have an unsatisfied judgment suspension from a past accident
  • You are driving with a restricted license

Additional California Car Insurance Coverage

Keep in mind that California SR22 insurance is a required addition to the already required car insurance policy; it is not something separate that replaces regular car insurance coverages. You will still have to have a car insurance policy with the minimum California limits of:

  • $15,000/ $30,000 bodily injury liability
  • $5,000 property damage liability

How Do You Get California SR22 Insurance?

The only thing you have to do to get the SR22 insurance that you are now require to have is to talk to your car insurance agent. Most car insurance agents in California are able to do an SR22 filing, and if your current car insurance agent is not able to then you will have to find a new car insurance agent that can. Once you have found an agent that can complete an SR22 filing for you, you will pay them their required processing fee, and they will file the SR22 for you with the State of California. If your SR22 filing is accepted, you will receive your SR22 insurance form from your insurance agency, as well as a confirmation letter from the California Department of Motor Vehicles for your SR22 filing. Once accepted you are responsible for keeping your SR22 insurance active and maintained for 3 years. If you fail to keep your California SR22 insurance up-to-date, your driver’s license will be suspended, and you won’t be driving at all. So think of SR22 insurance as a 2nd chance to keep driving, and don’t mess it up because there is no 3rd chance.

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