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Allstate’s Toddler Mayhem

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question, Research Last Updated: 01/18/2012

Regressing into a toddler, Mayhem is back for a little in-car distraction.


Commercial opens with Allstate’s Mayhem strapped into a toddler’s seat in the back seat of the car. His car seat requires the use of both seats in the back. He has a Sippy cup in one hand and his other hand in a bag of cheerios.

Shelter Insurance Shields your First Love

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question, Research Last Updated: 01/18/2012

Protecting your first love with Shelter Insurance is not a call to buy life insurance.


(Music playing) Commercial opens with a young man meticulously washing and cleaning his car in the driveway of a home. The scene changes to the inside of the home where the same young man is getting dressed for a special occasion. The scene changes again to the young man walking to his car with a bouquet of flowers. At this point we assume that he was cleaning his car for his date.

Arbella Insurance and Bubble Wrap

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question, Research Last Updated: 12/28/2011

Is bubble wrap really a decent replacement for an insurance agent?


Commercial opens going through the door of the “Arbella Auto Insurance Therapy” office. Once through the door we see the therapist and also what we assume is his patient. The patient is sitting on a couch wrapped in bubble wrap.

Therapist: Feeling vulnerable?

Patient: (laughs) Oh, Yes. I bought my car insurance policy online, without an agent. Now I feel totally unprotected (sobs).

Scene changes to a home with a car driving up, screen is in a bluish tint. Onscreen is “SWITCH and when you combine auto and home, you could save 15% or more.”

Announcer: With a local Arbella independent agent you’ll get coverage that-well -covers you. Go to to find an independent agent near you.

Screen goes all blue and has the Arbella logo, with the Arbella catch phrases and “”

Announcer finishes and we go back to the therapist office where the patient tries to get more comfortable and crosses her legs. This makes some of the bubbles in the wrap pop.

Patient: (whispers) Excuse me.

Point of the Commercial

Arbella Insurance is driving home the point that buying insurance online is not always the best way to protect yourself. That when you do buy an insurance policy online you are left without the extra protection that an insurance agent can offer you that we don’t always think about.

What They Want you to Do

Arbella Insurance wants you to visit their website to see if there is an insurance agent that sells their insurance near you. I love it when companies make cut and dry commercials that tell you exactly what they want you to do; it makes for a much more effective advertisement.

My Opinion

This commercial has three things going for Arbella Insurance that make it a good commercial for this insurance company: humor, unforgettable visuals and telling the viewer directly what you want them to do after viewing the commercial. The humor and the unforgettable visual make the Arbella Insurance commercial stick in your head (don’t tell me you haven’t been thinking what would happen if you could wrap yourself up in bubble wrap). Telling you directly what they want you to do leaves little room for completely ignoring the commercial by wondering what the point was.

I give this commercial a thumbs up. Now, I wonder where I can buy enough bubble wrap to wrap myself in.

Car Insurance Guidebook Unravels the Car Insurance Mystery

Written by KellerJohn. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 01/04/2012

Unless you work in the car insurance industry, the topic is probably a mystery to you. The words deductible, comprehensive, collision, liability, premium, loss of use and bodily injury are all gibberish when they reach your ears.

Unfortunately, insurance is something that you are required to have by law if you want to drive. Because of how confusing it is many people go around in almost an insurance daze while they get car insurance quotes from the auto insurance companies that they have heard of. In reality, they are completely lost as to what they are actually buying.

Instead of looking at what each insurance company offers in the terms of protection for both themselves and their car, they are instead looking for cheap car insurance. Finding the cheapest car insurance coverage makes having to buy the required product all that much less painful, but misses the whole point of having insurance.

Learning about insurance through your insurance agent or websites like Car Insurance Guidebook will give you the upper hand when you looking for car insurance. You can take your knowledge and not only find the best price for insurance, you can use it to find really great insurance to protect you and your assets. Then you aren’t stuck settling for just average car insurance that can hurt you financially if you ever need it because there isn’t enough protection.

For example, when looking for insurance the car insurance rates are just the first of many factors that need to be taken into account when you are shopping around for car insurance. You also need to take into account the type of vehicle that you are driving. Many people don’t know this.

Are you driving around a vehicle that is a new sedan and can be protected under any blanket insurance policy? Or do you have an old car that you fixed up that needs special protection and could be better covered under classic car insurance?

Don’t just assume that when you compare car insurance that it will be a one-size-fits-all policy. This is where the insurance knowledge will come in handy; you will know what you need to protect yourself and your vehicle.

You will understand what your insurance agent is talking about when they use insurance terms and you will actually be able to make an informed decision. This is much better for you instead of the “nod and smile” approach people take in their insurance agent’s office.

Also just like your life changes your insurance needs will change. This year you may just need to learn about the best deductible to have. Next year you may need to educate yourself on car insurance for young drivers. As the years pass, motorcycle insurance may be something you will need to know.

Many wise people say that you never stop learning, so take their advice and educate yourself on the insurance that you spend a lot of money on and can’t get away with not having.

Is Non-Owners Insurance Good for When You are Renting a Car?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 12/14/2011

Non-owners insurance extends to anything you drive that you do not own.

Yes, non-owners insurance can provide coverage for you when you are renting a car. This type of policy is specifically designed to cover vehicles that you do not own, which includes rental cars. To be sure of your coverage and what will extend from your non-owners policy, talk to your insurance company.

As with all insurance policies, there are some expenses associated from being in an accident in a rental car that will not be covered under your personal insurance policy. The biggest expense that is not covered by your personal insurance is the loss of use fee. This is a daily fee that the rental car agency will charge you for each day that the rental car is being repaired and cannot be rented out.

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