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Young Driver in a Car Accident

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 11/25/2015

Young drivers in car accidents can expect car insurance premium increases.

Question: So I barely backed up into a car . I have my own insurance . Im 18 so I’m still in that expensive range insurance. how much more do you think my insurance will go up?

Answer: While I cannot tell you how much your car insurance will go up, it will be going up.  Yes, you are in that expensive range of car insurance and that is also the range of car insurance that the insurance companies come down on the hardest for the slightest infraction. You will find out on your next renewal how much your premium will be affected from the car accident.

Back Dating and Insurance Premium

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 11/25/2015

Can you get an insurance premium refund for a vehicle removed in the past?

Question: 2 yrs ago I scrapped my vehicle but still kept the paying for the insurance. I thought I needed if I would drive another vehicle and so I wouldn’t have a lapse which would result in a higher premium later. If I go to my insurance company and cancel the coverage, how far will they pro rate my payments to. Can I get a refund for the full 2 yrs Thank You!

Answer: Great question!  There are a number of things to address with this though.

First, were there other vehicles on your policy at the time? If there were then you are not going to be able to get a refund on the whole premium.

Second, if that was your only vehicle and you have not owned it then you should be able to get a refund back to the time you stopped owning it.  However, you are going to get push back from your insurance company about this and you are going to have to provide proof of the date you stopped owning the vehicle. Also state laws may favor your insurance company in regards to having to have continuous coverage or there being a certain time limit in which you needed to report to your insurance company that you no longer needed to insure that vehicle.

The only way you will know for sure is to call and talk to your insurance company.

Pay For it or File Insurance Claim?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 11/14/2015

Your deductible and personal threshold for an insurance claim.

Q: I was parked and I reversed and a car passed, then I made my way out and a car moved forward as I was turning out and I beeped the horn and everything was fine. I did not feel myself hit the car and the passengers didn’t either. I get a call an hour later from a friend(I found out I knew the person) saying I scratched their car, but my main concern was that it would look like it because I was hit in the front years prior, and that scratch would look like I scratched her car. So I met her up and she had a minor scratch on the side of her car and it was white, so I’m pretty sure it was me. I am unsure if I should go through insurance because I’m not sure if they would make my dad pay a deductible and if his rates would go up, or if I should just go the paint job way and pay out of pocket?

A: Okay there are actually two questions here, so let’s address each one separately.

1st: The only time you pay the deductible listed on your car insurance policy is when your insurance company is paying for the damage to your own vehicle. There is no deductible you have to pay if your insurance company pays for the damage to another person’s vehicle.

2nd: Never commit to paying for another person’s damage out of your pocket. Have them get a quote for how much it will cost to repair the scratch and then sit down with your dad and decide whether or not to file an insurance claim or not.

Can I Be Double Charged for Insurance?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 10/31/2015

Being double charged for insurance happens more often than you may think.

Q: I was with an insurance company and they told me that they were cancelling my policy so I switched to another company. The 1st company actually never canceled my policy. Should the 2nd company owe me a refund since I was Double insured?

A: Actually, your first company owes you the refund because they never cancelled your insurance policy. Contact them as soon as possible and advise them that you have had insurance coverage with another company as you thought they were cancelling your policy with them.  They will want you to send them a copy of the new policy to verify the date the new policy started, and then they owe you a refund from that date forward as you cannot be double charged for insurance.

How Long Does a Car Accident Affect Your Insurance?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 10/25/2015

A car accident takes a while to jump ship from your car insurance policy.

Q: “So last year in 2014 in August, I was in a really bad car accident (it was my fault) and naturally my insurance went up drastically. (it went from 90$ to 190$) Its been almost a year and a half with my new car and no accident and still my insurance has not gone done. Not even a dollar. My question is how long will it take before my insurance goes down?”

A: Sorry to say, but you still have another year and a half to go. Car accidents stay on car insurance policies for about 3 years, depending on when your renewal falls. Once your 3 years anniversary of your car accident arrives, start talking to your car insurance agent or car insurance company about reviewing your policy.



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