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Issues with De-insurance in Arizona

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 12/30/2015

Talking to a live person is best to solve a de-insured mystery.

Question: After I am ready to put insurance back on after being de-insured, what do I need to do? Also I put the de-insure on and the website said the car is already de-insured even though I have been driving it for months, does not really make sense. As the website does not give me any dates showing when the car is de-insured and in this case no reference number either.

Answer: This is definitely something you need to contact the Motor Vehicle Division about immediately. Talk to a live person and have them look through your records to figure out what is going on before you get in trouble for driving around a vehicle that is supposed to be showing as insured and not de-insured.

Also 17 and Hit a Car, But Different Effect on Insurance Rate

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 01/31/2016

Hitting a car at 17 doesn’t mean an automatic insurance rate increase.

Question: I was in a little fender bender in October of this year. I was in bumper to bumper traffic and I accidently bumped the car in front of me. There were minor scratches and I placed my finger across them and it was almost as if they smeared off but there were about 3 minor scratches. We didn’t make a police report the women just called her insurance company and claimed. I’m 17 years old and I’ve only had my license since June of this year. Btw I have no tickets and I’ve never been in an accident. What will happen to my insurance? Will it increase rapidly?

Answer: Okay, this is a great question to get right now because it is pretty similar to the last question we answered. HOWEVER, the difference here is the amount of damage that was caused and the fact that a police report was NOT filed.  One, there will be no record on your DMV report, so that will not affect your insurance rates. Two, the damage is so minor that even if it does come up on a C.L.U.E report for you, the amount of damage puts it under the threshold that insurance companies usually use to decide whether or not it will affect your rates.

So most likely you will not see your insurance rates go up, but each insurance company is different so you won’t know for sure until your next renewal.

I’m 17 and Hit a Car

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 12/28/2015

The repercussions after you hit a car affect not just you.

Question: I am 17 years old. I was on my way to school and I hit a car. I was pressing the brake pedal to slow down and stop but it wasn’t working and I ended up hitting the side of the other guy’s car. I drive a truck, there wasn’t much damage to it, just a broken head light, 2 dents to the front bumper and its leaking antifreeze. The guy that I hit, he car got dented up a couple of places. The back door by the passenger side is where got hit. The police were called and everything was sorted out. I am not on the insurance policy because it was my uncle’s truck I was using. How much would the insurance go up? Would it go up? Please help.

Answer: Yes, your uncle’s insurance is most likely going to go up because it was his insurance company that paid for the accident. You are also going to see high insurance rates when you get your own insurance because the accident is going to be on your DMV record. As far as the amount each insurance policy will go up because you hit a car, there is no way to be able to tell you.

How Much Will My Car Insurance Premium Be?

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 12/20/2015

Figuring out how much your car insurance premium will be before you buy is easier than you think.

Q: Hello! I got into a car accident about three years ago. It was my fault and I did not have car insurance. The damages were 6,000 dollars, so now I am making monthly payments to the insurance company. I want to figure out how much car insurance will be for me before I buy a car. If its ridiculously high I will put a hold on buying a car until I am more financially stable. How do I find out an estimate of how much my car insurance will be?

A: First, collect the information for the vehicle you are looking to purchase (VIN, year, make and model). Next, call an insurance agent or insurance company for a quote on a policy. Make sure when you are giving them your information that you include ALL of your accident information so that you get the most accurate quote possible.

This will give you a very good idea of how much your insurance premium will be.

An Uncooperative Insurance Party

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Ask An Insurance Question Last Updated: 12/20/2015

What to do when the other party in an insurance claim refuses to cooperate.

Q:  My son bought a new car and someone already backed into him. It was a hit and run and he followed the driver to their destination. He called the police and they did exchange information. We filed a claim with the other driver’s insurance and sent a copy of the police report and an estimate of repairs. The insurance company refuses to return our phone calls and says they cannot do anything until their client responds to their calls. We have a police report – shouldn’t that be enough coupled with the client’s refusal to cooperate for them to pay our claim? Who do I contact about them not returning our calls?

HELP! Thanks!

A: So sorry to hear about the other party refusing to cooperate. There are two things you can do in this case and both call for you to stop contacting the insurance company you have been trying to work with.  First, if the other party confessed to being at fault for the accident and it is in the police report, contact the insurance commissioner for your state.  If you have an official confession, there is no reason for the insurance company not to process their claim just because they can’t get a hold of their client.

Your only other option is to file a claim with your insurance company for the damages and then they will go after the other person and the other insurance company for you.

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