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Bear River Mutual Insurance Company Customer Reviews

Bear River Mutual Insurance CompanyBear River Mutual Insurance Company has been around for over 100 years and continues to concentrate on providing insurance coverage for only the state of Utah. Founded in 1909, Bear River Mutual Insurance Company prides itself on still doing business with “integrity and honesty”, and has received recognition from the Ward Group as one of the nation’s top 50 performing insurance companies.

The company was first started because the farmers in Northern Utah couldn’t afford the insurance coverage that was being offered by the insurance companies already in the area. So the chief founder, William Hansen, along with 14 other founding members started the Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company; which is now known as Bear River Mutual Insurance Company.

Initially only offering insurance for property, they later added car insurance coverage in the 1930s.

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  • Elisha Richards


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    My husband and I have had Bear River Insurance for over six years. The company has incredibly competitive rates. The one unfortunate issue is that it only seems to be offered for people living in the State of Utah. Lucky for us we do live in Utah. The company also offers other products at competitive rates including home owners insurance, renters insurance and umbrella insurance that make life easier. Right now we only have our car insurance through them, but our experience has made us consider other products they offer. When we call to ask questions, the receptionist on the line has always been very friendly. They have also been very helpful. We had an issue at one point with our car insurance bill. The issue was our fault. We had two cars being insured by the company and forgot to tell them that. We only needed one car insured. The receptionist just had us e-mail them the bill of sale, and they made sure that we were only paying for the two cars up to the point it was sold. Honestly, I have been with other insurance companies that made me feel like they were just trying to get as much money from me as they possibly could, and Bear River has made me feel that they have my best interest at heart. I hope that I never have to move outside of Utah, because I would not want to switch insurance. I will say that they will not insure everyone. We had to sign a paper that we do not drink. I would imagine if a person was drinking. I have never taken a drink in my life, but for those who do drink, I am not sure if they offer insurance to these individuals. I imagine this is the reason they are able to keep the rates so low. Overall, I believe this is the best insurance offered. Unfortunately, for those living in the remaining 49 States.


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