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Safety Insurance Customer Reviews

safety insuranceSafety Insurance only writes insurance in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They were founded in 1979, in Massachusetts, and have kept most of their focus on that particular state. They are the third largest personal auto insurance carrier in the state of Massachusetts.

Even though they are not found in many areas across the country, they have earned many awards and recognitions for their business, including:

• An “A” rating from A.M. Best

• Being named in the Ward’s Top 50 Companies for five consecutive years.

• Ranked as one the top 100 “best-performing” companies based in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe for the last seven years.

• The Professional Insurance Agents of New Hampshire “Rookie of the Year” award.

• Ranked #4 nationwide by Deep Customer Connections, Inc. for “Ease of Doing Business”.

If you have Safety Insurance auto insurance leave a review about your experience – good or bad.


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Overall Rating33333

Reviews (2)

  • aggravated


    Overall Rating 11111
    Price 11111
    Service 11111
    Claims 11111

    I was unfortunate enough to be hit by someone insured by Safety Insurance. What should have been a simple claim was a complete nightmare. The rep I had to deal with lied to me, gave me all these different reasons why she refused to pay for my rental car and demanded I track down and return checks which she claimed the body shop cashed and shouldn’t have.

    Why anyone would choose Safety Insurance is beyond me. They are horrible.


  • Joshua Brunelle


    Overall Rating 55555
    Price 44444
    Service 55555
    Claims 55555

    What really matters with an insurance company is how they handle issues. If you never have major problems, you can’t really get a good feel for their customer service.

    In 2 years with safety I made 2 claims. Safety was excellent with both claims I filed with them. First was a rock chip in the front window that was there for months, and finally cracked. They hooked me up with a glass company, had that company call me, and everything was fixed within 2 days. It also did not cost me a dime, as I live in Massachusetts.

    Second, and more serious, I went to Foxwoods overnight and came back to see my year old car with a scrape on the bumper. Being a sports sedan that I had done plenty of work on, I was concerned. Again, they were awesome. They worked around my schedule to have someone come look at the car while I was at work. The appraiser even went into a parking garage to find my car. I wasn’t really happy with the appraisal, but it was own fault for having a $500 deductible. With that particular car, insurance rates tend to be higher, as the typical driver is a teenager, but prices were still good.

    Coverage was great, and of course they held my hand when building up a policy suited to me. They were also able to get me some discounts because I was a student at the time as well. They really worked with me to save as much as I could, but still be covered. The particular agent I worked with was great. They were always there to pick up the phone the few times I had questions.

    The website makes it painless to pay bills and file claims on as well. By logging in you can actually view any and all claim forms and their statuses. I used the website often when I had my issues, and never had a problem with it. In this day and age it is helpful to be able to manage everything online.

    When it comes down to it, I would recommend Safety any day. Everything was just easy. That was really what I was looking for at the time, and I am happy I settled on Safety. With limited choices up here in Massachusetts, Safety is definitely the way to go. I’ve had 2 other insurance companies since then for my car, and I have to say Safety was the easiest to work with.


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