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Haulers Insurance Customer Reviews

Haulers Insurance Company, Inc. has been around since 1986. It was started in Tennessee, where it is still headquartered today, and has since expanded to write insurance in four additional states.

They use independent agents to sell their insurance and state that they currently have approximately 500 agents representing them at this time. Haulers Insurance Company only writes automobile insurance and the other products that may be related, but they do offer this insurance for both personal and commercial customers.

As far as reliability, Haulers Insurance Company has an “A” rating from A.M. Best Company.

In 2008, Haulers Insurance Company became a part of Shelter Insurance.


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Overall Rating3.333.333.333.333.33

Reviews (3)

  • mary j


    Overall Rating 11111
    Price 11111
    Service 11111
    Claims 11111

    Worst fly by night insurance co I have ever hard to deal with!!!!!!!!!




    Overall Rating 55555
    Price 55555
    Service 55555
    Claims 55555

    I found Haulers working with an Independent Agent and so happy I did. I had allways dealt with the Allstates, State Farms, basicly “brand name” Companies. Haulers has been terrific in everyway including price. I would highly recommend them to anyone shoping for Insurance. I have also learned that working with a good Independent Agent is the way to go.


  • Amber Robinson


    Overall Rating 44444
    Price 33333
    Service 55555
    Claims 55555

    I have had car insurance with Haulers Insurance for over 10 years on both mine and my husband’s vehicles. They are a small company located in Columbia, TN. They have many options for choosing different levels of coverage and higher or lower deductibles and extra features like car rental, towing, and roadside assistance. They have lower rates than a few other companies I have received quotes from and I have looked around alot as I am always looking for a good deal.

    While they are not the BEST deal, they have several advantages that I will discuss further, as well as some disadvantages. They have a convenient website to view claims or make payments. All changes to your policy have to go through your local agent which can be time consuming as my local office has heavy traffic and is understaffed. Additionally, if you choose to pay your premiums in person at the local agent’s office, debit cards are not accepted. You must pay in cash or check only. The website does offer credit/debit card or bank draft payments. The premiums do fluctuate from year to year, or even from one 6 month renewal to the next.

    I have paid as low as $98 per month up to a high of $165 a month with no change in coverage and no at fault accidents/traffic violations. I have made 2 comprehensive claims with Haulers in the years I have had insurance with them. Both times was due to hitting a deer. Both claims were handled very quickly and both times I had an adjuster out to look at the car within 48 hours and check in my hands to cover the repair within 7 days.

    I was told to take my car to any shop I wanted to to be repaired. The first time I did not have car rental insurance so during the repair time I was out of pocket for that. The second time I did have the coverage and was offerd a rental car, but I did not need it, however it would have been delivered directly to me with no out of pocket cost. I also had one towing reimbursement.

    I did have to pay for the towing up front. I took the receipt to my local agent and she filed the claim for me and I was reimbursed by Haulers within 7 days. An adjuster from Haulers did call and go over the details of the towing and that was time consuming.

    Overall, the ability to choose what repair shop I use and the extreme ease of the claims process are the big reasons I have stayed with Haulers even though I could get comparable coverage cheaper. They are essentially a local company and are very accessible compared to the bigger insurance companies that have television commercials. I would recommend them to others.


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