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Consumers Insurance USA Customer Reviews

Consumers Insurance USAConsumer Insurance USA is a small company, but sometimes smaller is really better.

Consumers Insurance USA is one of the newer insurance companies on the market today. It was started in 1995 in Tennessee by a founders group of 9 individuals. Of these 9, 7 of them were independent agents already in the field of insurance.

Since 1995, Consumers Insurance USA has expanded to writing in 7 states in the last 18 years. If you live in Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, or Indiana you should be able to find Consumers Insurance USA through your local independent insurance agent if you are in the market for insurance coverage.


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  • Stephanie


    Overall Rating 55555
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    I have been a satisfied customer for over 10 years. I originally signed with this company because of their affordable rates. At the time, I was in my early twenties and I had a less than favorable driving record with a few speeding tickets. My prior insurance company rates were eating me alive! I had checked rates at many different auto insurance companies before finding Consumers was the the most affordable. Unlike some insurance companies, they have not raised their rates yearly or lowered the amount of coverage they provide to their customers.

    They have continued to have outstanding rates and their level of customer service is outstanding as well. Their representatives are always courteous and seem genuinely concerned and eager to help.

    They also offer free roadside assistance. A few months ago, I learned just exactly how valuable this service is. I had to call a wrecker to tow my car out of a muddy drive. I called the 1-800 number on my Consumer’s card and they were there in no time! I was so relieved to have this service and proud to have Consumers Insurance. I work as a delivery driver so dependable coverage is something I need as well as value.

    They also have a convenient website and many different payment options to choose from. If you prefer, you can easily schedule and make your payments online. I really value the fact that I can make affordable monthly payments which really fit my budget. I highly recommend this company.


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