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American National Insurance Company Customer Reviews

American National Insurance Company was started in 1905 and has grown into multiple companies in the more than 100 years it has been in operation. It is headquartered in Galveston, Texas, but their insurance products are sold by exclusive agents across the nation.

American National Insurance Company also includes the subsidiaries American National Property and Casualty, Farm Family Companies, as well as a number of life insurance companies. The companies are all under American National but work as separate companies.

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  • KevinM


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    When people think of insurance, their thoughts shift to some of the largest advertisers in the business. American National Insurance is a company that lies under the media, and who surprisingly stays competitive in all types of insurance. They don’t advertise, which has become something of an anomaly when competing for U.S. auto insurance dollars.

    American National has stayed true to its customer base offering competitive pricing and top notch customer service. I am someone who will typically get one to two auto insurance quotes each year. I bank with USAA and they offer the most competitive price for that industry but cannot touch the prices of American National auto insurance. American National has consistently been 15% less than any insurance quote I’ve received for the past five years. If you bundle other products with your auto insurance, that premium can be even lower. I have never had to file a claim, so my overall impression of their claims service cannot truly be expressed.

    However I can say, if you don’t have a personal insurance agent, you are taking just as large of a risk as someone who doesn’t have insurance at all. Our insurance agent offers premier customer service, which adds to the overall value and impression of American National Insurance Company. Road side service is standard in all of their insurance quotes. We have used this service multiple times, and each time have never been disappointed in our experience while dealing with the claim.

    My overall rating of the company is top notch five stars because they offer everything in terms of what you need for auto insurance coverage. For anyone looking for a competitive rate, excellent customer service, and overall, a satisfying experience in the dreaded auto insurance purchasing process, look no further than American National Insurance Company. They will take care of you.


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