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Sun Coast General Customer Reviews

Sun Coast General Insurance Agency is a California-based independent insurance agency. They are not a carrier, but an auto insurance broker. They primarily sell policies on the West Coast, but are licensed to market car insurance in other states.

If you have Sun Coast General Insurance, you have a different carrier, but Sun Coast services your policy. If you have an experience with Sun Coast General, leave a review – good or bad.


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Overall Rating11111

Reviews (3)

  • Stacy


    Overall Rating 11111
    Price 11111
    Service 11111
    Claims 11111

    Worst company I have ever dealt with. Deserves no stars what so ever. I am desperate to pay my insurance so I am forced to be with this company and let me tell you it is horrible. Customer service just laughs when you mention reviews and treats you like in idiot. Every 6 months they will charge you at least a couple hundred dollars to stay on with them. they require either cash or full payment on one card if you have two people paying insurance. I have been lied to and told to renew by a certain date and time only to be told it canceled the day before they assured me to pay. if you have the means even though its more costly go with someone else.


  • Stephanie Taylor


    Overall Rating Not Rated
    Price Not Rated
    Service Not Rated
    Claims Not Rated

    Horrible!!! I was in a accident almost a year ago. I called the insurance right away and gave them my story. I told them I had pictures and the officer on duty agreed to testify on my behalf. I never heard anything back. The other driver had no damage except a flat tire. Im finding out now that the insurance paid 2,900.00 to the other driver and found me a fault. When I called Shawn in claims today to ask why I was never contacted to obtain the information I had or even let me know they were finding me a fault, his response was “I dont have time for this”. He was extremely rude and condescending.
    When I say I didnt need to take it and that I was the one paying them, he said “its the law”. yes, Shawn it is the law but I do have the right to choose what company I want to do business with.


  • Donna L


    Overall Rating 11111
    Price 33333
    Service 22222
    Claims 44444

    I use sun coast to insure my 2002 ford mustang. I really would not recommed this insurance, they may have been the cheapest at the time. But, little did I know that they would be charging me a $12 billing fee each month. They are constantly changing the due date on me. Its not just due the same date each month, they’ll send me one notice stating your insurance payment is due on this xx date, then a few weeks later I’ll get a new notice stating your payment is due on xxdate.

    When I call customer service, it is always VERY hard to get a hold of someone, and then the wait time is 10 min +. The reps are never very helpful. They charge an extra $5 fee if you pay with credit card. The website sucks, and is pain to get into each time. They do a one year period, and charge a hefty cancelation fee and a huge start up fee. Overall I would defnitly find a different insurance company than sun coast general insurance.


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