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Instant Car Insurance Thanks to Technology

Written by Todd Clay. Posted in Research Last Updated: 02/21/2011

How to find instant car insurance and the benefits of purchasing instant car insurance compared to the downfalls.

Shopping Online for Instant Car Insurance

Instant car insurance online is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

In our “need everything now” culture, it’s no surprise that you can even get your car insurance instantly…well, almost instantly.

A simple visit online to an insurance company that specializes in online insurance and a quote or two later you have instant car insurance.  There’s no waiting, you are in control of what you buy and everything is done from your computer.

But, is instant car insurance really as good as it sounds?

Finding Instant Car Insurance

Finding instant car insurance is harder to do that one would think.  If you type “instant car insurance” into your favorite search engine you will find yourself with close to 11 million results.

But, if you start visiting all of the sites that came up you will find that most of these sites are for instant quotes only and they will have an agent call you or you have to visit a local agent to get the actual policy.  This is not instant car insurance, there are too many steps involved before you get your policy.

Generally, instant car insurance is available directly through companies like Esurance, Progressive and GEICO.  These are companies where you can get a quote and purchase the policy instantly online, all in one step.

Benefits of Instant Car Insurance

Instant car insurance has the benefit of being able to be purchased any time of the day or night, whichever is most convenient for you.   All you have to do is log on, decide what coverages you need and if the price is right, purchase the policy.  There’s no agent pressuring you into additional coverage that you don’t really need just to increase the amount of commission they will make off your policy, you purchase what you have to have and what you want.

Instant car insurance can also be cheaper than buying a policy from an agent because the company doesn’t have to pay out an agent commission on your policy.  This means a   10–15% savings for you.  If you opt to receive bills in your email instead of through the mail, have your premiums automatically withdrawn and print off your own policy paperwork instead of having it mailed to you, the savings could be even more.

Like everything else in insurance, the savings and options available for purchasing instant car insurance varies from one company to the other.

Downfalls of Instant Car Insurance

The main downfall of instant car insurance also happens to be one if its benefits, the absence of an agent.

Without an agent you have no one to ask questions to if you don’t understand coverages, if you have billing questions or if you have a claim.  All of your insurance needs are handled through a toll free number answered by a customer service agent that is timed on how long they take talking to you and has the best interest of the insurance company in mind, not what’s best for you.

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