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Bristol West Insurance Group Customer Reviews

Bristol West Insurance Group started in 1973, in Florida. Over the years it has branched out and can now be found in states across the nation. It is sold through independent insurance agents under Bristol West Insurance Group and Foremost Insurance. In 2010, Bristol West was rebranded under the Foremost Insurance name.

Both companies are owned by Farmers Insurance Group. Farmers Insurance Group purchased Foremost in 2000, and purchased Bristol West Insurance Group in 2007.

If you have Bristol West auto insurance leave a review about your experience – good or bad.


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  • P Gray


    Overall Rating 22222
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    Bristol West Insurance, a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, recently covered my loss and I’m disappointed at the cheapskate way they did it.

    Their policy holder ran into my 2006 SUV while it was parked and unattended in a parking lot, June 2012, causing $2,900 damage. They refused to pay for factory authorized parts, instead authorizing only cheaper knockoffs, which I later found out is all they are legally obligated to do.

    They paid for my rental car while my vehicle was in the body shop, but at $24 a day covered the least expensive subcompact, nothing close to my vehicle. They also would not pay for rental car insurance. They disputed several items in the repair estimate and refused to meet the body shop’s costs. The shop manager was sympathetic and ate the difference but he certainly would have been within his rights to make me pay. I called Bristol West and complained about the bad treatment I was receiving, but from their reaction it was obvious they didn’t give a whit about me. Their attitude was basically, “so, sue us.”

    They had no interest in doing the right thing, only the bare minimum. I learned this company is an insurer of high risk drivers. Perhaps that’s their excuse for treating me like I was the perp instead of the victim.


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