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Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Reviews

mutual of enumclaw

Starting in a small town, Mutual of Enumclaw has grown into a regional insurance company.

Mutual of Enumclaw started as Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company in 1898, in the small town of Enumclaw, Washington.  Their main focus was protecting farms in the area for the first 42 years, since then they have expanded their insurance products.

They have also expanded their coverage territory and now write insurance in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.

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Overall Rating22222

Reviews (1)

  • Chad


    Overall Rating 22222
    Price 11111
    Service 33333
    Claims 11111

    My personal experience with Mutual of Enumclaw has been pretty simple. Although I think that their services are a bit more expensive than others in the area, I am stuck on a family plan at the moment and therefore unable to change. Fortunately, their service is good: whenever I do need to call, my agent is always available and happy to help; however, they are a bit pushy in their sales tactics, which resulted in our decision to upgrade from liability to full coverage insurance. While personally I disagree with the decision, our agent consistently tried to sell us on the upgrade and eventually stuck us with a hefty bill.

    I haven’t had any experience with the claims department from my own accident, though after my mother got into an accident, there was a rather extensive process in order to get them to pay up. Even after finding out that she was not responsible for the accident in question, they tried their best to force a settlement and avoid paying for the required physical therapy.

    While my personal experience has been more or less indifferent, I would not recommend going with Mutual of Enumclaw for your insurance needs; they might appear to be a good choice at first, but beyond their great customer service lies their horrible claims department. As soon as I’m living on my own and have my car under my own name, after I’ve graduated from college, I plan to break off and find a more efficient and affordable insurance company.


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