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SAFECO Car Insurance Discounts

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Research Last Updated: 07/31/2015

Finding ways to save money with SAFECO car insurance discounts.

SAFECO car insurance discounts look to be pretty basic, with really no special discounts. The only discounts that may be a little different is the discounts for the teen drivers.

SAFECO Vehicle Discounts

  • Anti-Theft Discount: Get a discount on your premium when your car has with an audible alarm or a disabling device that renders the fuel, ignition or starting system inoperative. If your car has either a LoJack® or Teletrac® system and is stolen, we’ll waive your comprehensive deductible while the service is activated.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes Discount: Discounts on the premum of vehicles that has a factory installed four wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS).

SAFECO Drivers Discounts

  • SAFECO Safety Rewards: rewards, benefits and discounts for safe drivers wth a clean driving record, drive a vehicle that is safe or take an accident prevention course.
  • Accident Prevention Course: drivers who are 55 and older can received a 3-year discount for successfully completing an approved accident prevention course.
  • Teen Safety Rewards: Discounts available for teen drivers as well as help for parents to manage the cost of adding a teen driver to their policy.
  • Teen Safe Driver Discount: A discount worth up to 15% when parents share how well their teen drivers drives.

SAFECO Policy Discounts

  • Multiple Car Discount: Get a discount on your SAFECO car insurance when you have more than one vehicle on our policy.
  • Homeowner’s Discount: If you reside in a single-family home, townhouse, condominium or mobile home you can get a discount on your car insurance.

SAFECO Special Discounts

  • Drive Less Discount: Up to a 20% discount on your car insurance premium for not drving your vehicle very often.

Please note though, that because we are not SAFECO we cannot guarantee that these discounts will still be offered at the time that you have your policy.  For the current SAFECO car insurance discounts that are offered by the company, contact your SAFECO insurance agent or enter your zip code at the top of the screen for a personalized quote.


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