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MAPFRE/Commerce Insurance Company Customer Review

MAPFRE/Commerce insurance companyThe Commerce Insurance Company is an insurance subsidiary of MAPFRE U.S.A. Corp.

Founded in 1972, the Commerce Insurance Company got its start in the town of Webster, Massachusetts. This company used to only provide insurance coverage for drivers in Massachusetts, but since 1995 they have expanded to several other states. Insurance coverage in these additional states may be listed as one of the following companies:

  • American Commerce Insurance Company
  • The Citation Insurance Company
  • The Commerce Insurance Company
  • Commerce West Insurance Company
  • MAPFRE Insurance Company of Florida
  • MAPFRE Insurance Company of New York


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  • Bambi


    Overall Rating 55555
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    I have been with Mapfre/Commerce Insurance for 9 years and they have provided me with nothing but stellar service throughout this time period. I always receive the most competitive rates and the coverage offered is more than adequate.

    Recently they have introduced the disappearing deductible program where your deductible reduces by $250 for every year that you remain accident and claim free. This is a great program and offers me peace of mind knowing that if an accident is to happen, my out of pocket cost can be lessened based on my good history with the company. I have made two claims since being insured with Mapfre/Commerce and both claims were handled flawlessly.

    The online filing system makes filing claims simple and straightforward. Once you complete the online portion, the company contacts you and provides you with an adjuster to visit who gives the initial estimate. This process is quick and easy. After the estimate is completed, Mapfre contacts the shop of your choosing and then works with the shop to facilitate payment directly to them helping to minimize the time and effort that you need to put in as a customer.

    Finally, Mapfre/Commerce offers a great web portal where you can check your payments, billing dates, and amounts due. You can also view and print your coverage sheet directly from the web portal giving you quick access to your coverage at any time. I am very happy to be a Mapfre customer. I receive the service and personal attention of a smaller company at the same or lower rates than the larger insurance providers.


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