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California Casualty Customer Reviews

Four generations later, California Casualty is still protecting those that protect the rest of us.

California Casualty was started in 1914 by Carl Brown. Since that time the company has continued to be led by his family and is now on the fourth generation of Brown’s to be at the helm. They offer different insurance products with auto insurance being just one of many.

California Casualty is a specialty insurance company that focuses on group policies. They concentrate on specific employment fields that include teachers, nurses, fire fighters, and police officers.

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  • Ben


    Overall Rating 55555
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    I’ve had California Casualty all my life now, and I can confidently say that they are definitely the best insurance company.

    First off, let’s start with my premium. I get full coverage for less than 800 a year, and I’m a young adult with an older german car. No other insurance company was even close, I think the next one was 30% higher in price. My deductible is low too, lower than what the lowest deductible the next insurance company in line was able to offer me. But just because a company is able to give me cheap insurance doesn’t mean it’s good insurance right?

    One time my back window was fogged up as I was backing out of a parking lot, and I had a minor collision with my rear end into another car’s side. I called my insurance company immediately, and the lady who answered was extremely helpful and told me exactly what I needed to do, what information to get, what to give, and how to take pictures even. She left me her name and extension, and when I called back the next day, she was there to pick up my call and gave me further instructions perfectly. I was surprised, from hearing all my friends tell me how their insurance companies wouldn’t call back, or never pick up, or are hard to reach. I’ve never had such an experience with California Casualty.

    I would hope I don’t need to call them often, because I’d rather not get into any accidents, but when I do, California Casaulty has proven to be an excellent company and has given me nothing but smiles even on the worst days.


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Save Up To 46% on Car Insurance
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