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Monthly Car Insurance: Paying Once a Month

Written by Todd Clay. Posted in Research Last Updated: 05/22/2010

You mean I don’t have to front all that cash for my auto insurance premium?

Paying bills with pen and calculator

How to pay for auto insurance every month - not once or twice a year.

Auto insurance policies are contracts that usually last for 6 months or a year. If something happens to your vehicle that is covered in the policy (aka covered peril) during that time – and you’re current with your premium – the insurance company should cover the loss.

However, just because the policy is a 6-month contract doesn’t mean you have to lay down all that cash when you sign up. Most insurers allow policyholders to pay their premiums on a monthly basis. So instead of writing a $500 check every six months, you can pay $83.33 a month, plus applicable fees. This allows you to budget your car insurance like you would your rent, electric bill, etc.

Fees Apply for Monthly Billing

There is usually a fee involved with paying premiums once a month. It can be as low as $1/month – as was the case when I worked with State Farm. Sometimes it’s higher. When Progressive quoted my policy awhile back, I mentioned in my Progressive Review they wanted an extra $70/6-months. I guess $11.67/month isn’t too bad. I just didn’t want them to take $140 out of my pocket every year just because I didn’t have the cash on hand.

You can pay monthly a few different ways – depending on your insurance company. For one, the insurer can pull out the premium from your bank account. It’s convenient since you don’t have to remember to write a check or initiate bill pay. Just remember when the draft happens so you don’t get overdrawn. You can sometimes provide a credit card for the monthly transaction as well. In addition, you can send a check every month. Finally, if you have a local agent, you can pay cash, check, or credit card– depending on their payment capabilities. Once again, the method of payment depends on the company and sometimes your local agent.

Check the Fine Print for Monthly Billing

Bottom line, most insurers allow you to pay your insurance premium every month. They also allow several methods of payment. However, make sure you read the details when you sign up. There’s usually a fee and your overall insurance cost will be higher when you’re paying for car insurance monthly. Check with your insurance company for the details. Read the fine print if there are any questions.

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