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Learner Driver Insurance and the New Driver

Written by Todd Clay. Posted in Research Last Updated: 03/23/2011

Learner driver insurance for the permit drivers, the provisional drivers and newly-licensed drivers.

A Student Driver Vehicle

Every driver has to start at the beginning.

Very few people are automatically good at something when they first start learning how to do it; this is no different when you learn how to drive.

Learning to drive a machine that is capable of doing serious damage or even killing someone takes a good deal of time in class and being behind the wheel before you get the hang of it.

In addition to learning how to control the vehicle, you also have more laws than you can count to try and remember (not to mention laws from different states if you live near a state line).  This is why there are different levels of learning for the new driver and each new level brings a different learner driver insurance to work with.

Learner Driver Insurance For Permit Drivers

Does a permit driver have to have learner driver insurance?  This question is asked by parents around the country every year.  To tell you the truth, there is no one correct blanket answer to this question.

Whether a permit driver has to be added to an insurance policy depends on the insurance laws and regulations in your state and also your insurance company.  Some insurance companies do not require that your permit driver be added to your insurance policy until they are actually licensed, other companies want them added to increase your premium to cover the higher chance of an accident happening to your vehicle now.

Like most questionable situations in insurance, consult your agent for your answer.

Learner Driver Insurance for Provisional License Drivers

Provisional drivers are not found in every state, but they do make up enough of a population to take note.  They are new drivers that have graduated from the learner’s permit, but have not quite earned the freedom and responsibility of having a regular driver’s license.  The difference between a provisional license and a regular license is that there are restrictions on the provisional license like; driving curfews and who is allowed to be in the vehicle with you while you are driving.

Provisional drivers, as a general rule, are expected to be added to your insurance policy once they have their provisional license.  Contact your insurance company or agent as to what needs to be done in your situation.

Learner Driver Insurance for Newly-Licensed Drivers

Learner driver insurance for a new driver that has earned their regular driving license doesn’t really fall into the category that most people think of as a learner driver.  But, these drivers are still learning even though they do have their license.

These new drivers are also the most expensive to insure because of their lack of experience behind the wheel. Sometimes they lack a sense of responsibility and the fact that they are still learning how to control the vehicle in different situations.    Even though you may not want to, you have to add these drivers to your insurance policy once they have their license – despite what your checking account is telling you.

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