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Cheap Car Insurance in California (35-55, Male)

Written by Todd Clay. Posted in Rates Last Updated: 11/07/2008

We compiled data on the cheap auto insurance companies for males, ages 35-55 in the Golden State.

California Driver

California Driver

If you’re looking for the cheap car insurance rates in California, you’ve come to the right place.  If you’re a male between the ages of 35-55, even better.  If you don’t fall into that category, check out our article on the cheapest car insurance in California here.

It’s downright painful to get quotes from 40+ car insurance companies.  But rest easy.  We’ve done the hard work for you.

We compiled the best rates for clean drivers according to the California Department of Insurance.  That means male drivers (35-55) who haven’t had any accidents or tickets for the last 3 years. In addition we only show prices for liability coverage.  These are just sample rates from five different areas of the state.

Still, every driver is different.  What you see below is a sample of male drivers ages 35-55.  Prices listed are NOT the same as the price you will receive from the companies below, even if you just get liability coverage.  In addition, these are NOT actual quotes.  This is a general guide to help you shop for the best rate in California.

I hope it’s helpful.

Rank California Car Insurance Company Average Premium
1 Metropolitan Direct $385.60
2 USAA $412.80
3 Wawanesa $442.60
4 Safeco $494.20
5 Mercury $498.80
6 Pacific Specialty $505.40
7 GEICO $508.40
8 Amica Mutual $509.60
9 Western United $520.20
10 AAA $532.00
11 QBE $537.60
12 California Capital $539.40
13 Esurance $543.20
14 IDS Property Casualty $557.20
15 California Casualty $559.60
16 Nationwide $568.60
17 Commerce West $584.40
18 State Farm $585.20
19 American International Ins Co of CA $588.60
20 Farmers/Mid-Century $593.80
21 CSE $597.20
22 21st Century $599.20
23 GMAC/Integon Preferred $603.60
24 Workmen’s Auto $609.20
25 Allstate $614.80

Rates collected in 2007-2008.
All data is courtesy of the California Department of Insurance.
For more information, view our Disclosure.


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