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Frankenmuth Insurance Company Customer Reviews

Frankenmuth Insurance Company use to have some interesting joining requirements not seen today.

Based in Frankenmuth, Michigan, Frankenmuth Insurance has been around since 1868 when it was founded by a group of Bavarian pioneer settlers. They started as a mutual insurance company with 200 members in Frankenmuth. One of the initial requirements to be a part of this mutual insurance company is that both the husband and wife be Lutherans in good standing and both have to be able to speak German.

In 2007, Frankenmuth merged with Patriot Insurance Company to expand the area they write in. Today you can find Frankenmuth Insurance in the Midwest and the Southeast, as well as in New England under the Patriot Insurance name.


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  • K. Pawloski


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    Frankenmuth is affordable insurance backed by a long standing name. I have never had trouble adding or removing policies. My declarations are easy to understand, with changes from year to year very clearly stated. Bills are sent far in advance with nice incentives to pay in full.

    I’ve always received advanced notice when rates are going to increase. They always provide options for adjusting coverage if cost is an issue. When insuring a vehicle for the first time, they help me decide what is the best type of coverage based on the age and value of the vehicle. They offer discounts if you have more than one policy. I’ve never had to make a claim, but in the event that I would have to, I have no anxiety about the thought of doing so. People on the phone are always prompt and very knowledgeable. Their on-line services are convenient and easy to understand. The web site is clean and easy to navigate.

    I have been a customer for over 12 years. I recommend them to all of my friends and family and will continue to do so. Of those that have switched, I have never had any of them be displeased. Every few years I shop around to make sure I am getting the best price, and they are always the best option for me. Even if they were not the lowest price out there, I’d probably stay with them just because there is value in good customer service, and they are worth every penny.


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