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Acceptance Insurance Customer Reviews

acceptance InsurnaceAcceptance Insurance was originally founded in 1969 and is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They currently sell car insurance  in 13 states under a number of different company names, but all grouped under the name of Acceptance Insurance. They market, sell, and service auto insurance through their network of agents.

Other Company Names:

First Acceptance

Yale Insurance

Overall Rating11111

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  • Christina


    Overall Rating 11111
    Price 11111
    Service 11111
    Claims 11111

    The absolute worse car insurance company I have ever seen. I have full coverage on my ford fusion, I pay 168 a month. I hit a car on febuary 15,2015 I tried to contact my adjuster for a month straight and no one would answer the phone, I sent emails, and left messages several times. I had to go to my home office 3 times for an agent to contact the supervisors for me. After that someone came to my job without me knowing to give a price on the damage, which was not even enough for the damage done, I received a check about 2 months after the accident. Then I took my car to the ford dealership to get repairs done, They said they needed another supplement from the insurance company for the other damage. I left my car a got a rental car which I had to pay out of pocket and they would reimburse me later for 25 dollars a day for 10 days. The dealership called me after 5 days later to let me know my car was just sitting there because the adjuster would not call her back about the other damages, so again I called and called and left the supervisor and adjuster a message and sent emails it took about a week just to get an email back. while my car was sitting I paid out of pocket $891 dollars for 2 weeks that should have only been 3-5 days. The insurance company told me they would send me a check for 250 for the rental. so I lost 641 dollars that I really did not have to spend for the lack of customer service and communication and my accident was feburary 15 it is now June 17 and my car is supposed to be ready by the end of the day… so 4 months of waiting, $841 dollars out of pocket because no one would talk to us and I pay full coverage, This is so bad once I get my car back and this closed I will be willing to pay 300 a month if I have to with any other insurance company. They treat you like you are nothing and they do not care. Do Not USE THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL BE VERY UPSET IF YOU EVER HAVE AN ACCIDENT


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