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A Family Dinner with Allstate’s Mayhem

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Advertising, Research Last Updated: 12/07/2012

Allstate’s Mayhem brings us the nightmare situation most of use fear during the holidays

Allstate Commercial

Commercial opens with a close shot of Mayhem and a broken picture frame being dropped in the shot that says “Home Sweet Home”.

Mayhem: I’m the holiday get together that you can’t leave because your car’s battery is dead. And since you don’t have Good Hands Roadside Assistance, you’ll have to stay another night while your parents argue whose fault it is that your brother is such a huge disappointment and your Uncle keeps telling you how impressive your thigh muscles are.

Oh, and wait until you see who I am flying in later tonight. Here’s a hint – Cousin Mike was granted parole (doorbell rings). Get Good Hands Roadside Assistance from Allstate and be protected 365 days a year from Mayhem, like me.

Screen changes extremely quick to a contact screen with where you can sign up for Good Hands Roadside Assistance.

Point of the Allstate Commercial

This commercial was from December of 2010, so Allstate was playing on the whole dreaded family gathering for the holidays that many experience. I bet that it made many people think about whether they already had a roadside assistance program on their vehicle when they saw this commercial.

If they didn’t, they probably thought about contacting Allstate so they didn’t get stuck.

What Allstate Wants You to Do

Allstate wants you to know about their roadside assistance program.

Many people already have it through AAA or other sources, so the competition for this coverage goes beyond other insurance companies for Allstate. I know that we have roadside assistance through Toyota for free on our truck and Rav4, so we turned down our insurance company when they offered theirs to us.

I am sure that Allstate hears similar statements from their clients.

My Thoughts on this Allstate Commercial

I like most of the Mayhem commercials because they drive home a point and they do so in a way that makes you laugh. I actually chose this commercial because I was looking for holiday commercials to bring to you this month and this one fit the bill.

This will be just one of a handful of Christmas commercials this month for your entertainment. So I will not be giving out ratings this month, I just want you to sit back and enjoy the festive insurance commercial fun.

GEICO Makes You Happier Than an Antelope with Night Vision Goggles

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Advertising, Research Last Updated: 11/30/2012

Antelope with night vision goggles are the latest animals to grace the GEICO menagerie in their commercials.


Commercial opens in the African Plains at night. The moon is out and you see a black figure lurking out in the darkness.

Antelope #1: Look whose back?

Antelope #2: Again?

Antelope #1: It’s embarrassing.

Antelope #2: It’s embarrassing.

Screen changes to where you can see two antelope wearing night vision goggles.

Antelope #1: We can see you Carl.

Antelope #2: We can totally see you.

Antelope #1: Come on, you’re better than this – all that prowling around.

Antelope #2: Yeah you’re the king of the jungle.

Antelope #1: Have you thought about going vegan, Carl?

Lion turns away and antelopes start laughing.

Scene changes to two guys on a stage talking back and forth, both have a guitar.

Man #1: You know, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to GEICO sure are happy.

Man #2: How happy are they Jimmy?

Man #1: Happier than an Antelope with night vision goggles.

Man #2: Nice

Announcer: Get Happy, Get GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.

Point of the Commercial

GEICO continues to roll with the commercials to make people laugh. In this one they are very visual for their point and then cap it off with a short vaudeville act to explain the joke.

GEICO’s point? That you will be happy switching to them.

What They Want You to Do

GEICO wants you to switch to them from your current car insurance. They always want you to switch that is really to only message they ever use. Heck, their slogan “Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more” is built on the premise of you switching to them.

My Thoughts on this GEICO Commercial

Overall, I like this “Antelope with Night Vision Goggles” commercial. Yes, I did find the antelope talking funny when they were egging on the lion.

I guess I am really just tired hearing about GEICO, it’s like the saturation campaign that never ends. At this point, I would probably not move my insurance to GEICO because that would open me up see information from them even more.

However, since we are here to talk about a specific commercial and not the company itself. I do have to give this GEICO “Antelope with Night Vision Goggles” commercial to thumbs up.

DTRIC Introduces New Driver Data Device

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Advertising, Research Last Updated: 11/29/2012

DTRIC Insurance introduces the Akamai Rater.


Commercial opens with a white screen that has DTRIC, AKAMAI RATER and “How you drive is how you save” on it.

Announcer: Akamai rater, sign up, plug in, and start saving.

Screen changes to show the DTRIC mascot, Deetric, holding the device.

Announcer: Akamai rater is the revolutionary device that helps people save on auto insurance and DTRIC is the first to offer anything like it. Akamai rater lets you be in control of what you pay. Drive safely and you can save up to 40%. It’s easy.

Deetric climbs into a green car that just about matches his green hair.

Announcer: Just plug Akamai rater into the port of your car, and start saving.

Deetric shows you exactly where to find the port of your car.

Announcer: Akamai rater, how you drive is how you save.

Commercial closes with a screen showing the Akamai Rater and the 3 ways you can contact DTRIC for insurance, as well as “Sign up. Plug in. Start Saving.”

Point of the Commercial

This DTRIC commercial is extremely simple; they are announcing that they have a new tracking product that could save you money. The tracking program basically reads your car and analyzes how you drive. If the rater says that you drive safely, then DTRIC may cut your insurance premium up to 40%.

However, as some people that have used other raters have found out, if the rater says that you are not a safe driver you could actually see your insurance premium go up. So you may want to take that in to consideration before you sign up for this, currently volunteer, program.

What They Want You to Do

DTRIC wants you to try out their new gadget. But, in order to try out the new gadget you have to have insurance with them. So while the commercial is generally meant for all drivers, whether they are currently with DTRIC or not, it is aiming to get new DTRIC customers.

My Thoughts

I picked this commercial as DTRIC is one of the newest insurance companies to recently be added to our Car Insurance Reviews. Many of you may have never heard of them because they only write insurance in Hawaii.

For me I like the commercial because it is simple. They don’t say they are cheaper or better than any other company, they only offer you a way to save on their own insurance premiums. The commercial is to the point, they tell you exactly what they want from you and I honestly like this little Deetric character better than the GEICO gecko or Flo. Deetric kind of reminds me of one of the little Troll dolls I had when I was growing up.

So for its simplicity, to the pointedness (not sure if that is a word, but going to use to anyway) and the cute mascot that reminds me of my childhood and makes me want to go sit on a tropical beach, I give this DTRIC commercial two thumbs up.

American Family Insurance Visits the National Parks

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Advertising, Research Last Updated: 11/24/2012

An American Family Insurance family takes a road trip protected by their insurance coverage.


The commercial goes through almost a home video of the announcer talking, his son and his grandson and all the national parks they have travelled to. It also shows all the stops and troubles they have had out on the road.

Announcer: It began as a promise, “Son, were going on a road trip.” That promise has lasted over 30 years. Our dream is to visit every national park in America. It’s been thousands of miles, countless bumps along the way. But we’ll just keep moving on, pursuing this amazing dream.

The American Family Insurance logo shows up on screen, followed by “Protects what matters most” under the American Family red roof symbol, and “Your dream is out there” also under the red American Family roof.

Commercial closes with the American Family Insurance logo on the screen again, the company website as well as the changing text of “auto”, “24/7 Claims Service, and Emergency Roadside Service.

Point of this American Family Commercial

American Family Insurance is not only highlighting an example of a possible American Family Insurance client, they are also making a point about the extent of their insurance coverage. With the example being a family driving all over the country, American Family is showing that you are protected under their coverage no matter how far away from home you drive.

What American Family Insurance Wants You to Do

First, American Family Insurance wants you to trust that they will be there for you for all your claims and road assistance troubles. They want you to have a feeling of security and freedom in knowing that they will be there for you if you ever do get in trouble while pursuing these “dreams”.

Second, they want you to visit their website. They make no other mention of how to contact them; which was most likely done on purpose. By not giving you a bunch of ways to contact them you don’t feel the pressure of the sale. They instead are quietly leaving you with the feeling that you can contact them when you need them and not that they are just trying to sell you insurance.

My Thoughts on the American Family Insurnace Commercial

I like the quiet simplicity of this insurance commercial. Normally I lean towards the funnier commercials, but the lack of sales pressure combined with the emotional factor of family men spending time with each other hit a chord with me.

Giving this American Family Insurance commercial two thumbs up.

21st Century Auto Insurance Brings a “Flash Flood” of Reasoning

Written by Michele Wilmonen. Posted in Advertising, Research Last Updated: 11/15/2012

Sometimes there is no reasoning with people, but this time 21st Century Auto Insurance floods the viewer with reasons why they are better.


Commercial opens with a red convertible under the 21st Century Auto Insurance logo facing a light blue convertible under the GEICO logo. The silent 21st Century representative walks the best he can on the screen. He is wearing a swimming cap, old fashioned swimsuit, water wings and flippers.

Announcer: Here at 21 Century, we get it. Car insurance isn’t sexy, it’s…eh…practical.

Representative dips down and puts a nose plug on.

Announcer: Which means when you need it, you just want it to be there for you.

A string with a big, white handle falls in front of the guy on the screen and he pulls on it, releasing a flash flood of water pouring into the two cars behind him.

Announcer: Now, some insurance companies want you to think that their coverage is better. Well, we here at 21st Century say, “Poppycock”! Well, ok, we don’t say it very often, but we do say it, and we can prove it. These identical cars have different insurance providers, and of course, both policies cover flash flood damage.

The car doors open and water comes pouring through. The screen changes to read “A Few Days Later”.

Announcer: So both cars get repaired.

Screen changes to read “Switched from GEICO/ 21st saved $508 a year”

Announcer: But drivers who switched from GEICO to 21st save an average of 508 dollars a year for the same coverage.

Screen changes to where Progressive is now where GEICO was and the $508 goes up to $550.

Announcer: Drivers who switch from Progressive to 21st, they save even more. Now that’s practical. Call 888-GET-2121 and see for yourself, or visit 21st Century Auto Insurance, the same great coverage for less. The information being provided by the announcer is also on the screen.

Singers sing the diggity song and commercial closes with the red screen and the 21st logo as well as the “Same great coverage for less”.

Point of Commercial

The last year or so the 21st Century Auto Insurance commercials have focused on the fact that insurance coverage is the same from company to company. That the only real difference is how much each company charges for their coverage.

What They Want You to Do

Like all insurance companies, 21st Century would like you to switch to them. They are providing you with a visual of how insurance is the same from company to company, want you to laugh about it, and then really think “Hey if it is all the same, why am I paying more at my current company?”

My Thoughts

These 21st Century Auto Insurance commercials make me wonder why I’m not insured with them, because our way of thinking about insurance is the similar. All insurance coverage is pretty much the same; the only difference is the cost. Well, the cost and how the company treats their customers.

Then I smack myself on the head as I remember, I am insured with 21st Century……sort of. My insurance is with Farmers, who in turn owns 21st Century. Yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but I’m still staying put with the parent company, for now.

As far as the 21st Century Auto Insurance commercial, I have to say that I like this representative more than I like Flo from Progressive at the moment. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t talk, his reactions and facial expressions are hilarious, and 21st Century hasn’t inundated us with him to the point of getting annoying like Flo has reached.

Giving this 21st Century Auto Insurance, flash flood commercial a thumbs up.

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